Council of Directors


SPEAKER (2017-2021)
Allen Arrington Jr.
HX5 Sierra, LLC
NASA Glenn
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Regional Engagement Activities Division

CHIEF (2017-2020)
Laura A. Richard

United Launch Alliance
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Region 1 DIRECTOR (2017-2020)
Steven X. Bauer

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Region 2 DIRECTOR (2017-2020)
Kurt A. Polzin

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
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Region 3 DIRECTOR (2018-2021)
Daniel T. Jensen

Rolls-Royce Corporation
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Region 4 DIRECTOR (2019-2022)
Sarah Shull

NASA Johnson Space Center
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Region 5 DIRECTOR (2019-2022)
Orval "Rusty" Powell

Millennium Engineering & Integration Company
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Region 6 DIRECTOR (2019-2021)
John C. Rose

Boeing Defense, Space and Security
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Region 7 DIRECTOR (2018-2020)
Cees Bil

RMIT University
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Integration and Outreach Division

CHIEF (2019-2022)
Jeff Laube

The Aerospace Corporation
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Aerospace Outreach Group DIRECTOR (2019-2022)
Tucker Hamilton

U.S. Air Force
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Business and Management Group DIRECTOR (2017-2020)
Leslie Lake

RS&H Aerospace & Defense
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Systems Integration Group DIRECTOR (2019-2022)
Peter M. Hartwich
Boeing Engineering, Test & Technology
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Young Professional Group DIRECTOR (2019-2022)
Brian Pomeroy
Sierra Nevada Corporation
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Technical Activities Division

CHIEF (2017-2020)
James A. Keenan

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Aerospace Design and Structures Group DIRECTOR (2018-2021)
Carlos E. Cesnik

University of Michigan
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Aerospace Sciences Group DIRECTOR (2018-2021)
D. Brett Ridgely

Raytheon Missile Systems
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Aircraft Technology, Integration and Operations Group DIRECTOR (2017-2020)
Dimitri N. Mavris

Georgia Institute of Technology
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Space and Missiles Group DIRECTOR (2017-2020)
Mark S. Whorton

University of Tennessee Space Institute
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Information Systems Group DIRECTOR (2019-2022)
Allan T. (Terry) Morris

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Propulsion & Energy Group DIRECTOR (2019-2022)
Joaquin Castro
Aerojet Rocketdyne
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AIAA Liaisons

Executive Director
Dan Dumbacher



Governance Secretary
Christopher Horton