Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AIAA recognizes the unique significance of Artificial Intelligence on aspects of our profession and society. This section of the website will provide information on AIAA policy, approach and related resources.

 January 10, 2024: AIAA Establishes Aerospace Artificial Intelligence Advisory Group

AIAA Aerospace AI Advisory Group

The AIAA Aerospace Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advisory Group comprises recognized leaders in their fields who are dedicated to advancing the appropriate use of AI technology particularly in aeronautics, aerospace research & development (R&D), and space.

The AIAA Aerospace AI Advisory Group was established to 1) ensure that AIAA understands the scope and impact of its AI efforts across industry, government, and academia; 2) ensure the policies and procedures of the Institute enable innovation while being rooted on firm ethical foundations; 3) inform the application and use of AI across the Institute while maintaining and advancing technical excellence in the aerospace field; and 4) hold paramount the success of AIAA members, their organizations, and the broader aerospace community when considering the application of AI to AIAA endeavors.

Aerospace AI Advisory Group Members

  • Jandria Alexander, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • John-Paul Clarke, Professor and Ernest Cockrell Jr. Memorial Chair in Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
  • Lt. Gen. Larry D. James, USAF (Ret.), Deputy Director, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Patrick Lin, Director, Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group, California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo
  • Jacqueline O'Connor, Professor, College of Engineering, Pennsylvania State University; AIAA Publications Committee Chair
  • Julie Shah, H.N. Slater Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The key challenges confronting the increasing prominence of AI across all aerospace practice areas are:

  • Integration of responsible AI approaches into the body of aerospace theory and practice
  • Representation of diverse viewpoints in the advancement of AI within aerospace, including the development of appropriate AIAA responses and accommodations to relevant external AI policy and industry practices and standards
  • Integration of aerospace workforce and AI competency considerations into aerospace education and professional development processes
  • Ethical application of AI in aerospace publishing

The AIAA Aerospace AI Advisory Group will report directly to the AIAA Chief Executive Officer, and any recommendations will align with the Institute’s core mission of helping AIAA members and their organizations succeed and core vision of shaping the future of aerospace. Their input will encompass clear guidance and describe means to harmonize and accelerate the implementation of AI in support of AIAA’s strategic goals.

AI Publications Policies

AIAA’s publications policies have been updated to include current guidelines on the use of AI in AIAA publications.