Nominations for AIAA Integration and Outreach Activities Division Chief

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Nominations for AIAA Integration and Outreach Activities Division Chief Now Being Accepted Through 1 October

The AIAA Council of Directors Nominating Committee (CNC) will compile a list of potential nominees for the open Division Chief position on the AIAA Council of Directors. This list will include nominees who will be selected to go to the next step of competency review held by the nominating committee. The nominating committee will select specific candidates for the open Chief position that will be voted on by the division membership. The final slate of candidates will be publicized by December 2021 for the election that will be held January/February 2022.

Position Description

Chief of the Integration and Outreach Activities Division (IOD)
Integration and Outreach Groups coordinate the activities of coordinate the activities of related Integration and Outreach Committees to facilitate cooperative efforts between the various professional areas. The Integration and Outreach Activities Division (IOD) is composed of the Integration and Outreach Group Directors. The Chief of the IOD will lead the division and shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the Integration and Outreach Directors and the Division committees. The Chief will not be a current Integration and Outreach Group Director; however, the Chief must have served as an Integration and Outreach Group Director in the past. The term of the Chief shall be three years and there shall be a limit of the Chief serving one consecutive term.

For a full listing of Division Chief responsibilities, please click here.

AIAA members may nominate themselves or other members qualified for the open position by submitting the following requirements:

  • Candidate Statement: Candidate describes their vision for the division and how they will achieve it.
  • Key AIAA Activities: Candidate will list their AIAA activities and involvement.
  • Professional Experience: Candidate will provide an overview of their professional experience – however, there is no need to include a complete resume.
  • Education: Candidate will list their education.
  • Professional Honors and Awards: Candidate will list any non-AIAA honors and awards they have received.

Nominations are due no later than, 1 October 2021. Please submit nominations directly to Christopher Horton, AIAA Governance Director,