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6 September 2022

Abstract Deadline:
10 November 2022, 2000 hrs Eastern Time Zone, USA

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10 February 2023

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1 March 2023

Manuscript/Presentation Video Deadline:
3 May 2023, 2000 hrs Eastern Time Zone, USA

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22 May 2023, 2000 hrs Eastern Time Zone, USA

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Please direct questions to:
Nathan Shumway, US Air Force Academy
Brian Freno, Sandia National Laboratories

The Annual Flow Visualization Showcase will provide an opportunity to display computational and/or experimental fluid-dynamics visualizations that support a technical concept. It is open to all who register for the AIAA Aviation Forum, regardless of whether they submit an extended abstract to the technical program (see below for instructions on how to submit an entry without an accompanying paper). Related technical disciplines include Applied Aerodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Meshing, Visualization and Computational Environments, and Plasma Dynamics and Lasers.

The Flow Visualization Showcase is looking to highlight visualizations that enhance the understanding of the flow. The event will last approximately two hours, during which participants will be assigned a 30-minute slot to describe their visualizations to attendees and judges. It is recommended that the visualization be 3–-5 minutes in length and run on a loop. Large-screen displays will be provided.

The submissions will be judged and ranked in each of the following categories at the conclusion of the event: (1) Most Artistic Flow Visualization, (2) Most Pedagogical Flow Visualization (the visualization that best facilitates new understanding of the flow phenomena), and (3) Most Comprehensive Flow Visualization. First place awards for each category will be presented at the end of the showcase. All accepted visualizations will be uploaded to the AIAA YouTube channel. For reference the visualizations from the 2022 AIAA Aviation Forum are available on that channel.

If you are interested in participating and you are submitting an extended abstract to the technical program in one of the related technical disciplines, please check the box during Step 2 of the abstract submission process. If you are interested in participating and you are not submitting an extended abstract in one of the related technical disciplines, please email the contacts above with a brief abstract. Participants will be emailed to verify their interest in showcase participation after the technical program has been finalized.


Lockheed Martin Corporation
The Boeing Company
Raytheon Technologies
Concurrent Real-Time
Whisper Aero