Forum 360: The Operations of Flying Further and Higher 17 June 2019 0930 - 1130


Regular transportation access to the upper atmosphere, near-space, and orbit itself now seems closer than ever with innovative concepts that combine various combinations of launcher aircraft, hybrid concepts, and advanced aerodynamic features. This Forum 360 will explore the status and promise of some of the most exciting concepts and the technical challenges that still lie ahead.
  • Karl Garman Karl Garman
    Deputy Director of Research, FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation
  • John-Cavolowsky John A. Cavolowsky
    Director, Transformative Aeronautics Concepts Program, NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD), NASA
  • Steve Ericson
    Director, Advanced Design, The Spaceship Company
  • Warren Frick
    Manager, Business Development, Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems
  • Dean Fulmer Dean Fulmer
    Principal System Engineer, Portfolio Manager, Space Transportation, MITRE
  • John Himes John Himes
    Director of Operations, Mojave Air & Space Port