Aviation Recognition
Recognizing Top Achievements an AIAA Tradition

AIAA is committed to ensuring that aerospace professionals are recognized and celebrated for their achievements, innovations, and discoveries that make the world safer, more connected, more accessible, and more prosperous. From the major missions that reimagine how our nation utilizes air and space to the inventive new applications that enhance everyday living, aerospace professionals leverage their knowledge for the benefit of society. AIAA continues to celebrate that pioneering spirit showcasing the very best in the aerospace industry.

Awards Ceremony

Join a special awards ceremony on Friday, 6 August 2021, 1300–1430 hrs ET.

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Service Awards

2021 AIAA Sustained Service Award
  • Willem A. Anemaat

    Willem-A-Anemaat For your extensive service to AIAA through your work on technical committees, national awards, publications, and conferences and forums.

  • Terry J. Burress
    Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

    Terry-J-Burress For continuous and exemplary service to the AIAA South Central Region and the Modeling and Simulation Technical Committee, including strengthening the membership and the technical excellence of the Institute and its committees in both formal and informal leadership roles.

  • David W. Levy
    Sierra Nevada Corporation

    David-W-Levy For sustained service as AIAA Wichita Section and Aircraft Design Technical Committee Chair, Design/Build/Fly Competition Contest Administrator, and Drag Prediction Workshop Organizing Committee.

  • Dimitri N. Mavris
    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Dimitri-N-Mavris For continuous and exemplary service to the AIAA South Central Region and the Modeling and Simulation Technical Committee, including strengthening the membership and the technical excellence of the Institute and its committees in both formal and informal leadership roles.

Aerospace Design and Structures Technical Group

2021 AIAA Ground Test Best Paper Award
“Infrared thermography on a biconic model in hypersonic expansion tube flows”
Timothy G. Cullen, Christopher M. James, Ranjith Ravichandran, Matthew Thompson, Michael E. Moran, Ranjini Ramesh, and Richard G. Morgan, University of Queensland; and Thirukumaran Nadesan, National University of Singapore

Aerospace Sciences Technical Group

Technical Awards
  • 2021 AIAA Aeroacoustics Award
    Ephraim J. Gutmark
    University of Cincinnati

    Ephraim-J-Gutmark For his pioneering and outstanding contributions to the application of aeroacoustics practice to achieve quiet aircraft engines and new understanding of voice production and treatments.

  • 2020 AIAA Aerodynamics Award
    Mark D. Maughmer
    Pennsylvania State University

    Ephraim-J-Gutmark For foundational developments in airfoil and wing design, advancement of novel airfoil configurations, and contributions to rotorcraft aeromechanics.

  • 2021 AIAA Aerodynamics Award
    Scott A. Morton

    Ephraim-J-Gutmark For a career devoted to extending the application of CFD to challenging unsteady aerodynamic phenomena, such as transonic flutter, complex vortical flowfields, and maneuvering flight.

  • 2021 AIAA Fluid Dynamics Award
    Charles Meneveau
    Johns Hopkins University

    Ephraim-J-Gutmark For advancing both the theoretical and practical understanding of turbulence through groundbreaking modeling techniques and applications of large-eddy simulation.

  • 2021 AIAA Ground Testing Award
    Guillermo Paniagua
    Purdue University

    Ephraim-J-Gutmark For significant contributions in aerothermal highspeed flow instrumentation and novel wind tunnels to support the aerospace industry, outstanding service to AIAA, dissemination, and mentorship.

  • 2021 AIAA Losey Atmospheric Sciences Award
    Harold E. Addy Jr.
    NASA Glenn Research Center

    Ephraim-J-Gutmark For exceptional achievements and leadership in advancing aviation safety and the state of art of atmospheric research through experimental ice accretion and aerodynamic studies.

  • 2021 AIAA Plasmadynamics and Lasers Award
    David L. Carroll
    CU Aerospace LLC

    Ephraim-J-Gutmark For scientific enhancement and innovation of high energy lasers and plasma-driven devices, entrepreneurial aerospace leadership, and education of scientist engineers.

  • 2021 AIAA Thermophysics Award
    Zhuomin Zhang
    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Zhuomin-ZhangIn recognition of outstanding contributions to microscale and nanoscale thermophysics and the understanding of interactions between thermal radiation and micro/nanostructured materials.
Best Professional Paper

2020 AIAA Fluid Dynamics Best Paper Award
“Node Numbering for Stabilizing Preconditioners Based on Incomplete LU Decomposition”
W. Kyle Anderson, NASA Langley Research Center, Stephen L. Wood, and Kevin E. Jacobson, NASA Langley Research Center

2020 AIAA Modeling and Simulation Best Paper
“A Model for Simulating Unsteady Wake Interference Effects in Aerial Refueling”
Peter A. Cavallo, Jeremy D. Shipman, and Michael R. O'Gara, Combustion Research and Flow Technology (CRAFT Tech)

2020 AIAA Plasmadynamics and Lasers Best Paper Award
“Fully-Coupled Simulation of Plasma Discharges, Turbulence, and Combustion in a Scramjet Combustor”
Bernard Parent, Ajjay Omprakas, and Kyle Hanquist, University of Arizona

2021 AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Best Paper Award
“Improvements in Simulating a Mach 0.80 Transonic Truss-Braced Wing Configuration using the Spalart-Allmaras and k-ω SST Turbulence Models”
Daniel Maldonado, Jeffrey A. Housman, Michael G. Piotrowski, and Cetin C. Kiris, NASA Ames Research Center; and Craig A. Hunter, Sally A. Viken, S. Naomi McMillin, and William E. Milholen, NASA Langley Research Center

2021 AIAA Thermophysics Best Professional Paper Award
“Characterization of Radiative Heating Anomaly in High Enthalpy Shock Tunnels”
Brett A. Cruden, Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc.; Chun Y. Tang and Joseph Olejniczak, NASA Ames Research Center; Adam J. Amar, NASA Johnson Space Center; and Hideyuki Tanno, Kakuda Space Center, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

2021 AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Best Paper Award
“Supersonic Jets with Compliant Wall Nozzles”
Charles Tinney and John Valdez, University of Texas at Austin; and Nathan Murray, University of Mississippi

Best Student Papers

2021 AIAA David Weaver Thermophysics Best Student Paper Award
“Influence of Chemical Kinetics Models on Plasma Generation in Hypersonic Flight”
Pawel Sawicki, Ross S. Chaudhry, and Iain D. Boyd, University of Colorado, Boulder

2021 AIAA Walter Lempert Best Student Paper Award
“Spatio-temporal studies on laser induced plasma interactions with micro-particles using stereo-imaging”
(AIAA 2021-1376)
Atulya U. Kumar, Boris S. Leonov, Yue Wu, and Christopher Limbach, Texas A&M University

Aircraft Technology, Integration and Operations Technical Group

Technical Awards
  • 2021 AIAA Aircraft Design Award
    Pipistrel Velis Electro
    Accepting the award: Paolo Romagnolli and Tine Tomažič
    Ajdovščina, Slovenia

    2021-AIAA-Aircraft-Design-AwardFor creating the world’s first certified electric aircraft leading the marketplace in a new era of green aircraft design and technology.
  • 2021 AIAA Otto Winzen Lifetime Achievement Award
    Rodger E. Farley
    Farley Flight Aerospace LLC

    Ephraim-J-Gutmark In recognition of a lifetime of achievements in applying aerospace mechanics to the dynamic response of aerospace vehicles from spacecraft to aircraft and balloons.

Best Technical Papers

2020 AIAA Air Transportation Systems Best Paper Award
“Analysis of Fleet Management and Infrastructure Constraints in On-Demand Urban Air Mobility Operations”
Sheng Li, Stanford University; Maxim Egorov, Airbus UTM; and Mykel J. Kochenderfer, Stanford University

2021 AIAA Aircraft Design Best Paper Award
“A Generalized Energy-Based Vehicle Sizing and Performance Analysis Methodology”
Imon Chakraborty and Aashutosh Aman Mishra, Auburn University

Best Student Papers

2020 AIAA Air Transportation Systems Best Student Paper Award
“Modeling, Assessment, and Flight Demonstration of Delayed Deceleration Approaches for Community Noise Reduction”
Jacqueline Thomas and R. John Hansman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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