Aviation Recognition
Recognizing Top Achievements an AIAA Tradition

AIAA is committed to ensuring that aerospace professionals are recognized and celebrated for their achievements, innovations, and discoveries that make the world safer, more connected, more accessible, and more prosperous. From the major missions that reimagine how our nation utilizes air and space to the inventive new applications that enhance everyday living, aerospace professionals leverage their knowledge for the benefit of society. AIAA continues to celebrate that pioneering spirit showcasing the very best in the aerospace industry.

AIAA celebrates our industry’s discoveries and achievements from the small but brilliantly simple innovations that affect everyday life to the major discoveries and missions that fuel our collective human drive to explore and accomplish amazing things.

Awards Ceremony

Join us each morning as awards are presented at the Plenary Sessions.

Service Awards

2022 AIAA Sustained Service Award

The following service awards will be presented at the AIAA Leadership Summit on 26 June 2022.

  • João Luiz F. Azevedo
    Instituto de Aeronáutica e Espaço, Brazil

    João Luiz F. AzevedoFor more than 10 years of service as Deputy Director–Region VII and as a member of the AIAA Education Series Editorial Advisory Board.

  • Carlos E. S. Cesnik
    University of Michigan

    Carlos E. S. CesnikFor nearly three decades of sustained and meritorious service to AIAA in a variety of leadership roles within its technical activities.

  • John R. Chawner
    Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

    John R. ChawnerFor over 40 years of continuous involvement and advocacy to drive CFD engagement and advancements in AIAA through workshops and technical and integration committees.

  • Farzad Mashayek
    University of Illinois Chicago

    Farzad MashayekFor outstanding, sustained contributions to the Institute at the section and regional levels and to national technical committees with role-model activities in terrestrial energy generation and storage.

Technical Awards

  • 2021 AIAA-ASME Elmer A. Sperry Award
    Michimasa Fujino

    Michimasa FujinoIn recognition of his singular achievement of research and development of new technologies for business aviation including the Over-the-Wing Engine Mount and Natural Laminar Flow airfoil, and the introduction to the market of commercial aircraft based on these technologies through the formation of HondaJet.

  • 2022 AIAA Aerodynamics Award
    Marilyn J. Smith
    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Marilyn J. SmithFor contributions to the computational and theoretical aerodynamic analysis of static and dynamic systems with separated flows, particularly for vertical takeoff and landing rotorcraft vehicles.

  • 2022 AIAA Aircraft Design Award
    Steve Ericson

    Steve EricsonFor a lifetime of innovative aircraft designs and exceptional skills in configuration design, as well as mentoring young engineers in aircraft design.

  • 2022 AIAA Chanute Flight Test Award
    Rogers E. Smith

    Rogers E. SmithFor career-long achievements and contributions to the safe practices and teaching of flight testing, particularly in-flight controls and flying qualities, and significant collaboration with a diverse set of aerospace stakeholders.

  • 2022 AIAA Fluid Dynamics Award
    Mujeeb R. Malik
    NASA Langley Research Center

    Mujeeb R. MalikFor numerous and significant contributions to the understanding and control of laminar­ turbulent boundary-layer transition, and for exceptional leadership, particularly in the area of certification-by-analysis.

  • 2022 AIAA Ground Testing Award
    James C. Ross
    NASA Ames Research Center

    James C. RossIn recognition of decades of exemplary service and leadership in ground testing, advancing critical technologies including heavy vehicles, military aircraft, and NASA’s Multipurpose Crew Vehicle Program

  • 2022 AIAA Hap Arnold Award for Excellence in Aeronautical Program Management
    Paul W. Niewald
    The Boeing Company

    Paul W. NiewaldFor championing the use of innovative tools such as digital engineering to transform aircraft development, saving time and cost while enhancing performance and safety.

  • 2022 AIAA James A. Van Allen Space Environments Award
    Henry B. Garrett
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

    Henry B. GarrettFor a lifetime of contributions to the understanding of the interactions of spacecraft with the Earth’s magnetosphere and those of other planets.
  • 2022 AIAA Losey Atmospheric Sciences Award
    Fred H. Proctor
    NASA (retired)

    Fred H. ProctorFor leading fundamental research to characterize atmospheric-related aviation hazards and to develop advanced sensor algorithms for identifying and mitigating these hazards.
  • 2022 AIAA Thermophysics Award
    Karen A. Thole
    Pennsylvania State University, START Lab

    Karen A. TholeFor pioneering research at the intersection of additive manufacturing and heat transfer in gas turbine engines that enables innovative combustor and turbine cooling designs.
  • 2022 AIAA Plasmadynamics and Lasers Award
    Sergey O. Macheret
    Purdue University

    Sergey O. MacheretFor pioneering work on novel plasma generation and control methods and on aerospace applications of plasmas.
Best Professional Paper

These awards will be presented during the sponsoring committee’s meeting.

2021 AIAA Design Engineering Best Paper Award
"High Fidelity Digital Cabin Mock-Up based on Preliminary Aircraft Design Data for Virtual Reality Applications and Beyond” (AIAA-2021-2775)
Authors: Jan-Niclas Walther, Christian Hesse, Jörn Biedermann, and Björn Nagel, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

2021 AIAA Electrified Aircraft Technology Best Paper Award
"Results for an Electrified Aircraft Propulsion Design Exploration” (AIAA-2021-3280)
Authors: Ty V. Marien, Nathaniel J. Blaesser, Zachary J. Frederick, Mark D. Guynn, and Jason T. Kirk, NASA Langley Research Center; Kenneth Fisher, Steven Schneider, and Robert P. Thacker, NASA Glenn Research Center; and Peter Frederic, Tecolote Research Inc.

2021 AIAA Ground Testing Best Paper Award
"Evaluation of CFD Predictions of CobraMRV Control Surface Effectiveness at the NASA Langley Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel” (AIAA-2021-2965)
Authors: Marie F. Denison, Joseph A. Garcia, Ben E. Nikaido, Scott M. Murman, and James C. Ross, NASA Ames Research Center; Robert E. Childs, Paul M. Stremel, and Veronika M. Hawk, Science and Technology Corporation; Bil Kleb, Stephen J. Alter, and Thomas K. West, NASA Langley Research Center; and Philip Robinson, NASA Johnson Space Center
2021 AIAA Modeling and Simulation Best Paper Award
"A Gaussian Process Enhancement to Linear Parameter Varying Models” (AIAA-2021-3006)
Authors: Stefan Schuet, Carlos Malpica and Jeremy Aires, NASA Ames Research Center
2022 AIAA Aircraft Design Best Paper Award
"Aerodynamic Performance Benefits of Over-the-Wing Distributed Propulsion for Hybrid-Electric Transport Aircraft” (AIAA-2022-0128)
Authors: Reynard de Vries and Roelof Vos, Delft University of Technology

2022 AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Best Paper Award
"Development of a Subsonic-Supersonic, Unstructured Panel Method” (AIAA-2022-0403)
Authors: Cory D. Goates and Douglas F. Hunsaker, Utah State University

2022 AIAA Fluid Dynamics Best Paper Award
“Formation of a Nacelle Inlet Ground Vortex in Crosswind” (AIAA-2022-1698)
Authors: Derek A. Nichols, Bojan Vukasinovic, and Ari Glezer, Georgia Institute of Technology; and Bradley Rafferty, The Boeing Company
2022 AIAA Plasmadynamics and Lasers Best Paper Award
"Experimental Study of Electron Transpiration Cooling with a 2-kW Laser Heating System” (AIAA-2022-0983)
Authors: Junhwi Bak, Anuj Rekhy, Christopher Limbach, Richard Miles, and James Creel, Texas A&M University
2022 AIAA Solid Rockets Best Paper Award
"Solid Rocket Motor Internal Ballistics with a Surface-Vorticity Solver” (AIAA-2022-1898)
Authors: Griffin A. DiMaggio, Joseph Majdalani, and Roy J. Hartfield, Jr., Auburn University; and Vivek Ahuja, Research in Flight
2022 AIAA Thermophysics Best Professional Paper Award
"Direct Molecular Simulation of Rovibrational Relaxation and Chemical Reactions in Air Mixtures” (AIAA-2022-1010)
Authors: Erik Torres, University of Minnesota; and Eric C. Geistfeld and Thomas E. Schwartzentruber, University of Minnesota
2022 AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Best Paper Award
"Extension of Traditional Beamforming Methods to the Continuous-Scan Paradigm” (AIAA-2022-1154)
Authors: David Morata and Dimitri Papamoschou, University of California, Irvine

Best Student Papers

This award will be presented during the sponsoring committee’s meeting.

2022 AIAA David Weaver Thermophysics Best Student Paper Award
"Numerical Investigation of Film Coefficient Engineering Methodology for Dissociated, Chemically Reacting Boundary Layers” (AIAA-2022-1907)
Authors: Justin Cooper, NASA Johnson Space Center; Giovanni Salazar, Corvid Technologies; and Alexandre Martin, University of Kentucky

Student Paper Competitions

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