Who should I contact if I have questions? 

For author and manuscript-related questions, please contact lisal@aiaa.org.

If you are a member of the media, please contact rebeccag@aiaa.org.

For all other questions, please contact conferences@aiaa.org.

For questions regarding exposition and sponsorship, please contact ahaigh@smithbucklin.com.


The AIAA AVIATION Forum will be held in an online-only format.

AIAA recognizes that the face-to-face meeting is ideal for sharing research, ideas, and convening the community. Given the current challenges posed by COVID-19, we feel that the virtual forum format provides the best opportunity for the AIAA community to meet and share information. By removing some of the barriers to traditional forum attendance, including travel costs and time, the virtual forum format will enable greater participation from the aerospace community—traditional and nontraditional. We are excited to use this new format to accomplish AIAA’s mission of helping aerospace professionals and their organizations succeed.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions below, which will be updated regularly with additional details, and follow @AIAA  on Twitter for real-time updates. Should you have any questions, please contact us at conferences@aiaa.org.




Why was the AIAA AVIATION Forum changed to a virtual event?
The health and safety of all participants and AIAA employees is our highest priority. Due to concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have shifted the AIAA AVIATION Forum to a 100% virtual event.

Why not move the AIAA AVIATION Forum to a different date/location to keep the face-to-face meeting?
The AIAA team considered the option of moving AIAA AVIATION Forum to a different date and/or location. However, given the uncertainty of the current environment, we could not guarantee that a future face-to-face forum would take place in the current year. Ultimately, we decided that it was more important for the community to gather and share information now, even if it is virtually.

What elements will the virtual forum include?
The virtual forum will feature many elements of our face-to-face forums, including:

  • Plenary sessions
  • Forum 360 sessions
  • Technical sessions
  • Networking events
  • HUB presentations

Will technical committee meetings take place during the virtual forum?
Committee meetings will not take place during the virtual forum but will be scheduled as virtual meetings at other times. For technical committee (TC) and TC discussion group meetings, please contact Angie Lander at angiel@aiaa.org to schedule your meetings via Zoom.

Are there virtual backgrounds available for AVIATION?
Yes, there are two options for you to choose from: AV background & AV/PE combo background

How do I access conference proceedings?

Proceedings for the forum will be available online. The cost is included in the registration fee where indicated. Online proceedings will be available for viewing and downloading approximately one week before the event. Please follow the instructions below to access the proceedings:

  1. To view proceedings, visit arc.aiaa.org.
    1. Log in with the link at the top right of the page.
    2. Select the appropriate conference from the list
    3. Search for individual papers with the Quick Search toolbar at the top of the page:
      1. By paper number, click on the “Anywhere” dropdown and select “Find by paper,” select the conference year, and enter the paper number.
      2. Use the Search textbox to find papers by author, title, or keyword. The Advanced Search link provides additional search information and options.
  2. Direct any questions concerning access to proceedings and/or ARC to arcsupport@aiaa.org.

Will the presentations be available post-forum?
Yes, plenary, Forum 360, technical panels, and lectures will be available on demand after the event. We will be communicating to all attendees how to access these. Forum registration is required to access materials.

I have suggestions for content/format for a virtual forum.
Great! We welcome your input; please share any thoughts you have with us at conferences@aiaa.org.


Previous forum policy did not allow attendees to take photos during technical presentations. What is the virtual forum policy? 
All participants will agree to participate by the virtual event policies. Read our full policy statements here:  AIAA Anti-Harassment PolicyAIAA Event Photo and Video Policy. For questions or concerns contact  conferences@aiaa.org.

 Technical Program

How will the Technical Program be included in the virtual forum?
We want attendees to have the chance to view technical content when it is convenient as well as have the ability to interact with other attendees, ask questions, and offer an option for open discussion. All technical presentations will be prerecorded and 10 minutes in length. Technical presentations will not be presented live – they will be uploaded in advance and available for viewing on demand at any time during the forum and also shown during their scheduled Live Screening sessions for collective viewing.

To maximize Q&A time, attendee interaction, and engagement, technical sessions at the AIAA AVIATION Forum will be offered as Live Screenings. These “watch parties” offer attendees, presenters, and session chairs the ability to collectively view prerecorded presentations and chat with everyone in the sessions and have a Q&A with the presenter(s). At the conclusion of the Live Screening, a Zoom session will be posted for those who want to have a face-to-face conversation with session attendees and ask additional questions. Additionally, all submitted prerecorded presentations will be automatically transcribed during the Live Screenings for an extended viewing experience.

How will the Live Screenings work?
Each scheduled technical session will have an individual Live Screening room for watching the prerecorded sessions, asking questions, and chatting with session attendees. At the start of the session, the first prerecorded presentation will automatically play, followed by the remaining presentations in speaker order. During the presentations, each attendee will have the ability to ask questions and chat with session attendees. After the final presentation has finished, the Live Screening will remain open for additional chat or, if preferred, a Zoom meeting room will be posted for attendees to discuss the session.

You can view a demonstration of a Live Screening session here:

Why are technical presentations only 10 minutes?
Virtual events present an incredible opportunity to bring together people regardless of location. However, it can be more challenging to disengage from other responsibilities when attending a virtual event. We want all AIAA AVIATION Forum attendees to be able to enjoy the content they expect from our forums and engage with other attendees without feeling overwhelmed. Because of this, the AIAA AVIATION Forum will be held with a shortened schedule each day in order to make the content more approachable.

When will the presentations be available to view?
The tentative date for the site to go live is 26 July 2021. Once the site opens, all prerecorded technical presentations can be viewed anytime on demand or during their scheduled Live Screening sessions.

Will the presentations be available post-forum? On demand?
Yes, plenary, Forum 360, and technical presentation videos will be available on demand after the event and posted to the AIAA AVIATION Forum virtual portal.

Technical panels and lectures content hosted on Zoom will be recorded and be available on the virtual platform within 48 hours of the session, barring any technical difficulties. This content will be available on demand for 30 days.

How will the technical panels and lectures be included in the virtual forum?
Since technical panels and lectures will not be recorded in advance, they will not be held as Live Screening sessions. Instead, each technical panel or lecture will be hosted as a Zoom meeting for the duration of the session.

 Author Requirements and Important Deadlines

What are the requirements of authors?
All accepted AIAA AVIATION authors are invited to participate in the virtual event. Session times will be available in the Detailed Agenda no later than 1 May. In order to participate, authors will need to complete four tasks:

  • Upload manuscript by 22 June 2021, 2000 hrs Eastern Time.
  • Create and upload presentation slides with audio (10-minute presentation) by 22 June 2021, 2000 hrs Eastern Time.

Presentations longer than 10 minutes will be returned to the presenter for editing. Note: Upload of these materials is required to be considered as published. Authors who do not upload materials by the deadlines will be removed from the program.

  • Register for the event: aiaa.org/aviation/registration.
  • Participate in your Live Screenings session during the virtual event. These times will be available within ScholarOne and the online Detailed Agenda/Technical Program.

Another option is for accepted authors to elect to present their work as an oral-only presentation. Oral-only presentation authors will still be required to upload their presentation slides with audio by 22 June 2021, 2000 hrs Eastern Time; however, manuscripts will not be published in the proceedings. To request to change your presentation type from technical paper to an oral-only presentation, submit a request by 15 June 2021, 2000 hrs Eastern Time. Email Lisa Le for questions.

Important Deadlines

  • 1 May 2021: Manuscript and Presentation submission opens; Open Editing Period begins
  • 15 June 2021, 2000 hrs Eastern Time: Deadline for change from technical paper to oral only (technical paper in progress)
  • 22 June 2021, 2000 hrs Eastern Time: Manuscript and Presentation submission and oral-only presentation confirmation deadlines; Open Editing Period closes
  • 19 July 2021: Transcription Editing Deadline
  • 26 July 2021: Technical presentations available in virtual 2021 AIAA AVIATION Forum portal; Conference proceedings available in ARC
  • 2 August 2021: All presenters must be registered.
  • 2–6 August 2021: Attend virtual AIAA AVIATION; participate in your Live Screening session(s)
  • 2 August 2021: CrossMark begins for manuscripts only (no updates will be available for oral presentations); second Open Editing Period begins
  • 23 August 2021: CrossMark corrections and paper data updates uploaded to ARC
 Technical Presentations – Uploads, Template, and Format

Where do I upload my Manuscript and Presentation?
Both manuscripts and presentation slide files will be submitted to the ScholarOne Abstracts submission site. The author designated as the presenter will receive instructions and a URL to make those submissions.

How do I record a presentation?
Presentation with audio can be created in several ways, including PowerPoint, PDF, etc. Please see  this document for information, instructions on recording a presentation, and best practices. All presentations must include slides and audio, be saved as a MP4 file, and should be 10 minutes long with a maximum file size of 300mb.

Will presentations be required to concurrently show both slide AND presenter or just be prerecorded audio over presentation?
The presentation is just prerecorded audio with slides; you are not required to show the presenter within the video.

If presentations are in MP4 format that means that it is in essence a video. Viewers cannot scroll through the presentation at their own pace?

That is correct. Because not everyone has access to one particular software used to create the presentation file, we have chosen to use the standard file type of MP4 so that it can be played with a media player inside the virtual forum platform. We realize this somewhat limits a viewer’s ability to scroll through the presentation at their own pace, but it ensures that attendees will have a consistent experience viewing all technical presentations.

Technical Presentations – Availability
How long will the presentations be available on demand?
The virtual forum will be available online for approximately 2 months; registration will be required to access materials before, during, and after the forum. After this time, presentations may be available from AIAA. For questions or concerns, please contact arcsupport@aiaa.org.

Will viewers be able to download the slides we provide?
The ability to download files resides with individual browsers and thus, cannot be controlled by our vendor. In some cases, depending on the browser used by the end user, your presentation (MP4 file) could be downloaded.

Will there be participation metrics available to presenters?
AIAA will receive participation metrics after the event; once we review this information, we will determine the information that can be released to individual presenters.

 Session Chairs

Will Session Chairs sign in for Live Screenings at the start of a session and stay on for the entire session? How can the chairs relay the questions to the authors?
Yes, we ask that session chairs participate in the entire Live Screening session, including the Zoom Q&A portion for the concluding 25 minutes. There will be a Q&A section within the virtual room that will be accessible and viewable by all attendees. We recommend having a few questions ready to get the conversation going if needed.

Technical Papers and Presentations – Copyright
With regard to the presentation slides (this is different from the manuscript copyright), AIAA is asking for permission of use only, not copyright ownership. If your organization is a government agency or has additional concerns about the copyright statement, please add copyright language on your slides that is most appropriate for your situation and under the advice of your organization. Check with your supervisor or compliance officer if you have questions or concerns about the copyright assignment for your presentation slide. During the presentation upload process, presenters will agree to the statement below:

  • Copyright License for Presentation Slides only: By uploading my submission materials I hereby grant a non-exclusive license to AIAA to publish this work and use it for all of AIAA’s current and future print and electronic uses. (Note that copyright release or license for technical paper manuscripts is governed by author selections made during manuscript submission).

If appropriate, please insert the following language into your PowerPoint presentation on the first/title slide:

 “Copyright © by ____ [author name/company name]. Published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc., with permission.”

If you are employed by a U.S. Government agency and your presentation is considered to be in the public domain and not subject to copyright, you may use the following statement or similar:

“This material is a work of the U.S. Government and is not subject to copyright protection in the United States.”


How much is registration for the virtual event?
Please visit the registration page for details.

Do I need to register to present my paper at the virtual AIAA AVIATION Forum?
Yes, an author from a submitted manuscript will be expected to participate during the technical presentation Q&A portion of the virtual forum event (in order to participate, the author must register for the forum). The registrant (participating author) does not need to be the same individual that recorded the presentation. To participate in any part of the virtual forum, including the technical presentation Q&A, every individual must register. Should an author be unable to participate during the designated events for technical paper presenters, the manuscript will be withdrawn from the proceedings.

Who will have access to proceedings?
Full forum registrants will have access to proceedings, just as they would in face-to-face AIAA forums. For other registration types (Student and Retiree), they will not have access to the proceedings (publications), but there is an option to purchase proceedings separately.

I need a Certificate of Attendance to be reimbursed by my institution, how do I get one?
Every registered attendee will receive a certificate of attendance via email after the conclusion of the event.


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