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2020 AIAA AVIATION Forum Goes Virtual!


Given the current challenges posed by COVID-19, we feel that the virtual forum format provides the best opportunity for the AIAA community to meet and share information. By removing some of the barriers to traditional forum attendance, including travel costs and time, the virtual forum format will enable greater participation from the aerospace community—traditional and nontraditional. We are excited to use this new format to accomplish AIAA’s mission of helping aerospace professionals and their organizations succeed.


Here are the top three reasons you should participate in the forum:


1. Integrated Program

AIAA AVIATION Forum is the only event that covers the entire integrated spectrum of aviation business, research, development, and technology.

2. Papers, Papers, Papers

The flexibility of a virtual format means you no longer have to choose between concurrent technical sessions! Nearly 1,000 on-demand technical presentations on the latest innovations spanning 20+ aviation and aeronautics research topics will be available for you to watch throughout the forum.

3. Hear from Experts

The speakers and panelists participating in the live virtual plenary and Forum 360 sessions are proven business leaders and innovators. They are thought leaders with their fingers on the pulse of the aviation industry.


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