AIAA Aerospace Recruitment Opportunities

AIAA is the largest aerospace professional society in the world, serving nearly 30,000 individual members across the globe. Our recruitment opportunities provide you with access to top talent in the industry who are committed to the aerospace profession. Discover an innovative and diverse workforce that is conducting cutting-edge research that will improve your company’s productivity and products.

 AIAA Career Center Listing

List your internship and job openings in our interactive virtual career center that is focused on matching highly skilled individuals in the aerospace industry to your recruitment needs. This new platform has enhanced searched functionality, relevant job listings, and a resume bank to save candidates’ information. Start recruiting today.

  • Pricing starts at $295 per listing for AIAA Corporate Members
  • Pricing starts at $495 per listing for nonmembers

 AIAA Meet the Employer Events

Network with students and young professionals at AIAA forums and events. These events are hosted in person and/or virtually. Connect one on one with qualified individuals and conduct preliminary interviews.

  • Contact Nancy Hilliard for Corporate Member pricing and availability. 
  • Cost is $2,000 per table for nonmembers
Not an AIAA Corporate Member?

Learn more about the benefits of becoming an AIAA corporate member.

 AIAA Virtual Career Fair

Access high-level candidates with this dynamic solution to the aerospace recruitment demands of the industry. Share videos and chat in real time with candidates about openings within your organization. Corporate Members get access to early sign up and enhanced visibility within the platform. Space is limited – Reserve your space at the next virtual job fair today.

Employers: register here for AIAA's upcoming Virtual Career Fair, 20 September 2022, 1500–1800 hrs ET USA.

  • Price per room is $1950–$3500 for AIAA Corporate Members 
  • Price per room is $4,000–$6,000 for nonmembers
Future Career Fairs, subject to change:
  • January 2023