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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Aerospace Cybersecurity

    Aerospace Cybersecurity

    Understanding cybersecurity and risk is an extremely daunting challenge. AIAA is here to help! We want to be your resource for what’s happening, specifically in aerospace technology. Through AIAA tabletop exercises, keynote speeches, forum sessions, and workshops, we want to be your principal resource in building cybersecurity capabilities and thought leadership in aerospace. Our goal is to break through the clutter, and provide the cybersecurity information and resources you need.

    Through a new partnership with renowned cybersecurity expert Richard Clarke and his firm Good Harbor Security Risk Management, AIAA will expand your access to cyber insights and other resources, and continue to offer unrivaled opportunities for you to be informed and involved.


    Cybersecurity: Better Understand Your Risk While Saving Money


    Adversaries use the same tools and share information to strike multiple sectors. TruSTAR allows the good guys to share information. This platform enables anonymous cyberincident-sharing and provides real-time insight into what other companies are experiencing. Upon enrollment, AIAA Corporate Members receive two authorized users at no cost. Learn More.


    Protocol Live: A Cybersecurity Conversation with Richard Clarke

    Archived Webcast
    Original Airdate: 13 April 2017

    Learn about the most pressing aerospace cybersecurity issues! AIAA Executive Director Dr. Sandra Magnus hosted the Institute’s inaugural Protocol Live webcast. Joining her for this important dialogue was Richard Clarke, internationally-recognized expert on cybersecurity, homeland security, national security, and counterterrorism. Access the archived webcast. 

    Protocol: Aerospace Cybersecurity News


    In December 2016, AIAA launched the new e-newsletter Protocol Cover Protocol: Aerospace Cybersecurity News, the cyber intelligence connection for aerospace professionals. Opt-in below to receive commentary and expert analysis on the most pressing cybersecurity issues of the day, along with curated links to stories of interest.

    More information on why AIAA and Good Harbor created this partnership can be found in the November announcement from AIAA President Jim Maser.


    Commentary and Featured Articles from Protocol

    Archived Issues of Protocol: Aerospace Cybersecurity News



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    Additional Cybersecurity Resources from AIAA


    • Paper: A Framework for Aviation Cybersecurity" (13 August 2013)

      Outlines the existing and evolving cyber threat to the world’s $2.2 trillion commercial aviation enterprise, and notes the lack of international agreement on cybersecurity as it relates to aviation.

    • Presentation: Cybersecurity in Civil and Commercial Aviation (13 August 2013)


      Richard A. Clarke, Chairman and CEO, Good Harbor Risk Management, LLC
      Keynote address, focused on cybersecurity in civil and commercial aviation. Clarke, the former U.S. national coordinator for security, infrastructure protection, and counterterrorism, and the author of the New York Times bestseller "Cyberwar: The Next Threat to National Security and What To Do About It, discussed the potential devastating losses to commercial aviation and society at large if cyber threats to aviation systems are not properly addressed. Clarke also offered solutions to some of the more immediate threats facing the aviation enterprise, allowing IT and other professionals to wage more effective and precise anti-threat campaigns.

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