Trusted Autonomous Systems (1-Day)

8 May 2020
Kossiakoff Center, Laurel, Maryland 

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0800–1700 hrs


Autonomous systems – enabled by advancement in sensor and control technologies, artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning – promise to deliver new and exciting applications to a broad range of industries. However, a fundamental trust in their application and execution must be established in order for them to succeed. People, by and large, do not trust a new entity or system in their environment without some evidence of trustworthiness. To trust an autonomous system, we need to know which factors affect system behaviors, how those factors can be assessed and effectively applied for a given mission, and the risks assumed by trusting.

This course aims to provide a foundation for evaluating trust in autonomous systems. Elements of autonomous systems are defined, and in that context, the perception of trust is explored. A framework for evaluating trust highlights three perspectives – data, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity – and includes a dynamic model and measures for trust. The state-of-the art in research, methods, and technologies for achieving trusted autonomous systems is reviewed, with current applications. The course concludes by identifying important open issues and outlining a roadmap for Trusted Autonomous Systems.

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Please note that this course is being held at an ITAR level, has a requirement to be U.S. Citizen and an active government contractor. If you are not registered for the AIAA DEFENSE Forum and are interested in attending the course, please contact Cathy Chenevey for documentation needed to attend the course.


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