Andreas Bernhard Director of Aircraft Design Engineering Sikorsky a Lockheed Martin Company


Dr. Andreas Bernhard (Andy) joined Sikorsky a Lockheed Martin Company after receiving his PhD at the University of Maryland (UMD) in 2000. During his stay at UMD, Andy worked with Professor Chopra (his advisor) and others on active rotor research. Dr. Bernhard’s accomplishments at Sikorsky have included, wind-tunnel testing of a UH-60M rotor with Individual Blade Control, implementing a Health and Usage Monitoring system on the UH-60M helicopter which is now fielded on over 1000 aircraft, acting as chief engineer on the S-97 RAIDER® and CH-53K King Stallion programs. Andy is currently the director of Sikorsky’s Aircraft Design Engineering department. That department encompasses all technical aspects of design for the air vehicle.  Andy is a Technical Fellow of the Vertical Flight Society and is the author of many technical papers and several patents.