Andrew Kwas NG Fellow, Engineering Systems Architect Northrop Grumman Corporation


Andrew Kwas- Photo

Andy has 40 years with NGC/TRW working in advanced space programs specializing in space, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, astrophysics projects and in-space manufacturing.  As a NG Fellow, he supports NGC’s key space customers including NASA, AFRL, NRO, DARPA, Army/SMDC, Space RCO, USMC, and the Navy. He is considered one of the prominent advanced manufacturing (AM) experts in the country and has produced numerous papers in AM, as well as advanced satellite technology, in-space manufacturing using advanced additive manufacturing techniques, unique logistics solutions, and miniaturization of spacecraft components. Andy brings his innovative approach to problems and has won several Corporate awards for innovation. His leadership of applying advanced space concepts to a transitional operational problem has been critical to NGC’s success.

Andy is an appointed Research Scholar at the University of New Mexico and is on their staff in the Electrical and Computing Engineering Department, supporting satellite and space research.  He is on the Technical Advisory Boards for Virginia Tech, U of Michigan, Cornell, and U of New Mexico.  Andy Kwas graduated from the University of Michigan in 1978 with two Bachelor degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics, and received a Masters degree in 1980 from the University of Missouri Science and Technology in Astrophysics.