Axel Krein Executive Director Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking


Axel Krein is the Executive Director of Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking, the European Union’s leading research and innovation programme for transforming aviation towards a sustainable and climate neutral future. 

Pulling together the best talent and capabilities of the private and public sectors and developing cutting-edge technologies, and making these available for a transformational leap in aircraft performance in the 2030s, the new Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking will pave the way towards the EU’s ambition of climate neutrality by 2050. Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking builds on the success of the Clean Sky 2 programme, which will continue until 2024.

As of February 1st, 2019, Axel Krein became the Executive Director of Clean Sky 2, the Public-Private Partnership Program in European aeronautics. Clean Sky is part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, and develops innovative technologies for more aerodynamic wings, lighter and more efficient engines, smarter systems, new aircraft configurations, and a more sustainable aircraft lifecycle. The primary purpose of the program is to reduce CO2 gas emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft. By bringing together the aeronautics industry, SMEs, research centers and academia for the best innovative results, Clean Sky is strengthening European aero-industry collaboration, global leadership and competitiveness.

From September 2014 to January 2019, Axel Krein headed the Cyber Security Program Directorate at Airbus Group. His responsibilities included the definition of the Group’s cyber protection strategy as well as the program management of the Group’s cyber security improvement projects. He also steered Airbus Group’s cyber security research & innovation agenda.

In 2007, Axel Krein was appointed Senior Vice President Research & Technology at Airbus.  He led Research & Technology from strategy definition to programme management for all research activities. This also included partnership management, business development and intellectual property.

Prior to 2007, Axel held the position of Senior Vice President Strategic Development at Airbus. In this role he oversaw the development of strategies for Airbus’ strategic countries and business intelligence. Axel also led the definition of Airbus' industrial strategy for Russia and the related negotiations with the Russian industrial and governmental stakeholders.

From 2000 to 2004, Axel was Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Airbus.  He led the organization responsible for application development, application maintenance and information systems infrastructure through the integration of the four national Airbus companies into the integrated Airbus entity.

Axel joined Airbus in Hamburg in 1992 and held various positions in the Engineering Division including Future Projects and Standardization and Engineering Methods & Support, before being appointed Vice President Information Services at Airbus Industrie in Toulouse in 1999.

Before joining Airbus, Axel was Managing Director of a transport company and worked in air traffic control in the German Airforce.

Axel holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Aachen and worked at the university in the field of hypersonic space transportation.