Daniel Lockney Technology Transfer Program Executive, Space Technology Mission Directorate NASA



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Daniel Lockney is the Technology Transfer Program Executive at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, responsible for Agency-level management of NASA intellectual property and the transfer of NASA technology to promote the commercialization and public availability of Federally-owned inventions to benefit the national economy and the U.S. public. Lockney oversees policy, strategy, resources, and direction for the Agency’s technology commercialization efforts.

NASA has had a long history of finding new, innovative uses for its space and aeronautics technologies, and Lockney is the Agency’s leading authority on these technologies and their practical, terrestrial applications.

Lockney studied American Literature at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and creative writing at Johns Hopkins University. He started his NASA career as a contractor in 2004, converting to civil service in 2010. He lives in University Park, Maryland, with his wife and two space pups, Astro and Cosmo