Evgeni Ganev CEO EMPS Consulting



Dr. Evgeni Ganev is CEO of EMPS (Electromechanical Power Systems) Consulting LLC. His main interest is in electrification of the aerospace and automotive industries. He is focused on the powertrain of the electric and hybrid propulsion platforms. He has 40 years of engineering experience, 30 of which with Honeywell Aerospace as a Chief Engineer for EMPS. His expertise includes power generation systems, electric drives, and electromechanical actuators as well as aircraft architectures. His work materialized in platforms like: F-22, F-35, International Space Station, Space Shuttle, Predator B, Future Combat Systems, B737, B777, A380, A350, eTaxi/A320 and Next Generation Jammer. Numerous papers, speeches, and more than 50 U.S. patents have been published. He is an active member of AIAA, IEEE, SAE, and ASTM. Evgeni has received many awards including the SAE Charles Manly memorial award.