Gretchen Stewart Chief Data Scientist, Public Sector, Sales and Marketing Group Intel Corporation


Gretchen Stewart is the Chief Data Scientist for Intel’s public sector working closely with Intel’s Ecosystem of software, hardware and partner vendors in developing solutions and programs focused on the convergence of high-performance computing and data analytics.  In her solution architecture role, she is building data analytics/ AI/ ML practice within Intel working closely with federal and state government, research institutions, universities, energy, and advanced manufacturing customers.  She has been working closely with customers on ethical and responsible AI, building it in and not bolting it on. In enhancing Intel’s ecosystem with these AI solutions and programs, she works with disruptors, start-up and mainstream software vendors to ensure governments, educational institutions and enterprise customers advance the future of research, have competitive advantages, build smarter cities and provided enhanced services to citizens.   

She has over 20 years’ experience in the technology sector. Her last position prior to joining Intel was successfully leading the world-wide cross organization team as the Account General Manager for the US Air Force, working closely with AFWA, AFRL and USAF senior leadership to ensure support of the mission.  Her extensive knowledge of and leadership experience with product life cycle development and bringing new products to market from conception to sales delivery ensured products were delivered on time and under budget.  She has led, motivated and managed server sales team that continually meet or exceeded their sales revenue targets.  

She holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Wells College and an MBA degree from University of New Hampshire System, along with leadership and branding certifications from Harvard and Dartmouth. She graduated with distinction 9 months, 8 course data analytics program jointly developed by Harvard Business School, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Harvard Faculty of Arts and Science in June 2019.

Outside of work, Gretchen is active in mentoring young women starting their careers through Women’s Unlimited in Boston, volunteers locally monitoring water quality, was past Treasurer of the Hanscom Representatives Association.  She was co-chair and emcee of the New Horizon AFCEA event in March 2019.  Former President of the Lexington-Concord, greater Boston AFCEA chapter, and she is representing industry on the AFCEA International Board striving to promote STEM programs and dialogue with government, industry, and academia.