Jim Tighe Chief Technical Officer Wisk


A Collier Trophy and X-Prize winning engineer, Jim oversees product design, product technical requirements, and the roadmap for all current and future efforts. Before joining the company, he worked at Kitty Hawk as CTO and served as chief aerodynamicist for Scaled Composites, working on the SpaceShipOne project, as well as Firebird, an optionally piloted UAV and TX, a T-38 demonstrator. He was project engineer and flight director for most of the SpaceShipTwo program and had critical roles in Global Flyer, and other proprietary projects. He also worked in Boeing’s Commercial Airplane Group, working with the stability and control group for the 777-200/300ER programs, supporting wind tunnel tests, simulator development and analytics. While at Scaled Composites, Jim received the Design News Engineer of the Year Award and was named Distinguished Alumni at his alma mater, the University of Colorado.