Ludovic Ybanez Head of ASCEND Demonstrator & Managing Director of Airbus ExO Zero Emission SAS Airbus UpNext

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After his electrical engineering degree in 2002, Ludovic Ybanez joined Safran, where he held several positions in the Design Office on turboshaft and on avionic systems. He was then appointed head of EWIS R&T department before being seconded to IRT Saint Exupery, a French research institute, as head of electrical power technologies for future electrical Aircraft. In 2019, he joined Airbus’ central research & technology in Germany before joining, in 2020, Airbus UpNext as head of ASCEND demonstrator focused on the potential and feasibility of cryogenic and superconducting technologies for aircraft electric propulsion. In addition, he is Managing director of Airbus Exo Zero Emissions SAS.