Shawn Phillips Chief, Rocket Propulsion Division Air Force Research Laboratory

Dr. Shawn H. Phillips is Chief of the Rocket Propulsion Division within the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/RQR) at Edwards AFB, CA. He oversees all research, development and testing at the $10.2B AFRL Rocket Lab, encompassing over 65-sq miles, 19 major rocket test stands, 340+ personnel and 136 buildings. Research efforts encompass Space Access, In-Space Propulsion, and solid rocket motors for Strategic, Tactical and Hypersonic Boosters. Dr. Phillips has 22 years of government service (all spent at the AFRL Rocket Lab), holding 10 patents and more than 28 publications in R&D and applied technology fields.

Dr. Phillips entered the Department of Defense Civil Service in May 1998 after employment as a synthetic chemist in the Nylon Intermediates and Specialty Division for DuPont, DuPont Nylon ESL. While at Edwards AFB, he has directed the polymer working group, the Materials Application Branch, the Liquid Rocket Engines Branch, and served as the Deputy Chief of the Rocket Propulsion Division.