Wayne Ottinger President, Aerospace Legacy Engineering & Technology Recovery Organization; and Lunar Landing Training Vehicle Technical Director and Base Manager NASA (ret.)



C. Wayne Ottinger Has more than sixty years of aerospace engineering and management experience including positions with federal and state agencies, industry, consulting, and small business. His aerospace and advanced technology experience includes jet and rocket propulsion, flight-testing, engine control systems, ejection systems, energy conservation and renewable energy sources. He was the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle Technical Director and Base Manager (Ellington Field LLTV Flight Test) for Bell Aerosystems Co. For the NASA Flight Research Center (now the Armstrong Flight Research Center), he was Project Engineer (Flight Operations) for the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle and Propulsion Engineer for the X-15 Rocket Aircraft. In June 2008 he founded, Aerospace Legacy Engineering & Technology Recovery Organization (ALETRO) a nonprofit corporation and serves as President. In 2008 & 2009 he served as a NASA SAGES (Shuttle and Apollo Generation Expert Services) consultant on the NASA Study for Lunar Landing Training Vehicle (LLTV) options for the Constellation program. Post Apollo, he worked in a number of advanced technology fields:

  • Air Cushion Vehicles & Surface Effect Ships, Engineering Consultant & Film Producer
  • California Energy Commission, Conservation & Renewables
  • Uranium Enrichment, Gas Centrifuges, Advanced Imaging Technologies for failure analysis
  • Owner/Builder Passive Solar Home, Featured in Sunset Magazine