Yevgeniya “Jane” Pinelis Chief of AI Assurance Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC)


Dr. Jane Pinelis is the Chief of AI Assurance at the Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC). She leads a diverse team of testers and analysts in rigorous test and evaluation (T&E) as well as Responsible AI (RAI) implementation for JAIC capabilities, as well as development of AI Assurance products and standards that will support testing of AI-enabled systems across the DoD.

Prior to joining the JAIC, Dr. Pinelis served as the Director of Test and Evaluation for USDI’s Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team, better known as Project Maven. She directed the developmental testing for the AI models, including computer vision, machine translation, facial recognition and natural language processing. Her team developed metrics at various levels of testing for AI capabilities and provided leadership empirically-based recommendations for model fielding. Additionally, she oversaw operational and human-machine teaming testing, and conducted research and outreach to establish standards in T&E of systems using artificial intelligence. 

Dr. Pinelis has spent over 10 years working predominantly in the area of defense and national security. She has largely focused on operational test and evaluation, both in support of the service operational testing commands and also at the OSD level. In her previous job as the Test Science Lead at the Institute of Defense Analyses, she managed an interdisciplinary team of scientists supporting the Director and the Chief Scientist of the Department of Operational Test and Evaluation on integration of statistical test design and analysis and data-driven assessments into test and evaluation practice. Before, that, in her assignment at the Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity, Dr. Pinelis led the design and analysis of the widely publicized study on the effects of integrating women into combat roles in the Marine Corps. Based on this experience, she co-authored a book, titled “The Experiment of a Lifetime: Doing Science in the Wild for the United States Marine Corps.”

In addition to T&E, Dr. Pinelis has several years of experience leading analyses for the DoD in the areas of wargaming, precision medicine, warfighter mental health, nuclear non-proliferation, and military recruiting and manpower planning. 

Her areas of statistical expertise include design and analysis of experiments, quasi-experiments, and observational studies, causal inference, and propensity score methods.

Dr. Pinelis holds a BS in Statistics, Economics, and Mathematics, an MA in Statistics, and a PhD in Statistics, all from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.