Opportunities in the Challenging Dynamics of AAM 14 June 2023 0800 - 0900

Advanced Air Mobility is an exciting, evolving dynamic landscape that is a complex interplay between technical, financial, and policy/regulatory factors. This talk will primarily focus on those three factors and summarize the current state of affairs and highlight some of the key challenges and opportunities. On the technical side, there is no shortage of challenging issues to address in the areas of power and propulsion, autonomous operations, and integration of diverse vehicles into airspace systems around the world. On the financial side, market dynamics, rationales for sound business cases, and private sector funding continue to advance. Lastly, the policy and regulatory communities continue to respond to the rapid pace of change in the other two sectors. While challenges are significant, there are great opportunities that will contribute revolutionary leaps towards a new age of aviation – and the AIAA community will continue to play a significant role in solving them.

Also, watch the 10 May 2023 AIAA AAM Task Force meeting with the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), hosted by the Vertical Flight Society.  Watch Video

  • Robie-Samanta-Roy-2023 Robie Samanta Roy
    Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Management; Former COO/Federal Strategy, Electra.aero