Aerospace Cybersecurity Online Capture the Flag Launch 6 January 2022 1000 - 1200

Interested in a game of virtual capture-the-flag? Aerospace Cybersecurity Online Capture-the-Flag, organized by Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University, a competitive hacking or cybersecurity skills competition, will launch in conjunction with AIAA SciTech Forum. In the simulation, a tier-1 airport will be under attack and participants will navigate the hackers’ trail through the airport. Help restore compromised systems, regain control of the aircraft, and bring normalcy to airport operations.

Organized by:

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Anthony-M-Waas Anthony M. Waas
    Anthony M. Waas, Richard A Auhll Department Chair and Felix Pawlowski Collegiate Professor, University of Michigan