Excellence in Aerospace Awards Luncheon (Proof of Purchase Required) 21 August 2019 1230 - 1400


2019 Engineer of the Year 
Timothy Dominick
Sr. Principle Mechanical Engineer
Northrop Grumman

 “ For successful development and implementation of a novel structural insulator material, JT-700, into multiple controllable solids propulsion systems with potential applications across the aerospace industry

AIAA Sustained Service Award

Timothy Dominick
Sr. Principle Mechanical Engineer
Northrop Grumman

“For sustained AIAA leadership at the section, region, and national committee levels attested by service to the Delaware Section and Public Policy Committee.”

Marty K. Bradley
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Long Beach, CA

“For sustained, significant service at the national level with emphasis on Technical and Program/Integration Committee leadership, including formation of new committees.”


2019 AIAA Space Automation and Robotics Award

Orbital Express Team
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Received by: Lt. Col. Fred Kennedy, U.S. Airforce

In recognition of Orbital Express’s pioneering work in demonstrating autonomous orbital robotics, including these firsts: autonomous robotic grapple, robotic ORU changeout, and robotic fluid transfer in space. 

2019 AIAA Space Systems Award

Jess M. Sponable
XS-1 Program Manager, Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency

For unique and extraordinary leadership in providing the pathway for the evolution of the United States military launch capability towards robust and affordable reusable space systems.

2019 AIAA  von Braun Award for Excellence in Space Program Management

Christopher M. Crumbly
Executive Director, von Braun Center for Science and Innovation

For sustained excellence in furthering human spaceflight through strategic planning, managing several NASA projects, and leading key programs within the Space Launch System. 

2019 AIAA Aerospace Power Systems Award

Judith A. Jeevarajan
Senior Scientist, NASA Johnson Space Center

In recognition of significant contributions to the design, development, and test of safe and reliable battery energy storage power systems for aerospace applications.

2019 AIAA Air Breathing Propulsion Award

Karen A. Thole
Professor and Department Head, Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

For significant technical contributions to the understanding of convective heat transfer in gas turbine engines, and continuing efforts to promote participation of underrepresented groups in aerospace.

2019 AIAA Energy Systems Award

Arun Majumdar
Director, Precourt Institute for Energy and Jay Precourt Professor of Mechanical Engineering and of Photon Science, Stanford University

For superior contributions to the science and engineering of nanoscale energy-conversion materials and devices and outstanding energy-related service at the highest administrative levels.

2019 AIAA Wyld Propulsion Award

Stanley K. Borowski
Senior Aerospace Research Engineer (Retired), NASA Glenn Research Center

For sustained outstanding contributions in advanced propulsion, including the development and application of nuclear thermal propulsion for future human lunar and Mars exploration missions.


Best Papers are voted to be the latest, most significant research by AIAA technical peers. We will recognize the following:

2018 ASME Propulsion Best Paper

“Additive Manufacturing of Liquid Rocket Engine Combustion Devices: A Summary of Process Developments and Hot-Fire Testing Results” (AIAA 2018-4625)  

  • Paul Gradl, Sandy E. Greene, Christopher Protz, Brad Bullard, James Buzzell, Chance Garcia, Jessica Wood, Kenneth Cooper, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama
  • James Hulka, Jacobs Technology, Inc,. Huntsville, Alabama
  • Robin Osborne, ERC Incorporated, Huntsville, Alabama

  • 2018 AIAA Aerospace Power Systems Best Papers  

    “An Intelligent Autonomous Power Controller for the NASA Human Deep Space Gateway” (AIAA-4634) 

  • Jeffrey Csank, James Soeder, Jeffrey Follo, Matthew Muscatello, Yu Hin Hau and Marc Carbone, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio

    “The Kilopower Reactor Using Stirling TechnologY (KRUSTY) Nuclear Ground Test Results and Lessons Learned” (AIAA 2018-4973) 

  • Marc A. Gibson, James Sanzi and Maxwell H. Briggs– NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland Ohio  
  • David I. Poston, Patrick McClure – Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • Thomas Godfroy, Vantage Partners, LLC, Brookpark, Ohio


    2018 AIAA Aerospace Power Systems Best Student Paper

  • “The SPACE Computer Code for Analyzing the International Space Station Electrical Power System: Past, Present, and Future” (AIAA 2018-4635)

  • Sara G. Miller, Brandon T. Klefman, Steven Korn, Terrian Nowden, Ann M. Delleurand David McKissock, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio
  • 2018 AIAA Electric Propulsion Best Paper

    “In-Flight Verification and Validation of Colloid Microthruster Performance” (AIAA 2018-4643)

  • John Ziemer, Colleen Marrese-Reading, Curt Cutler, Charles Dunn, Andrew Romero-Wolf, Shahram Javinda, Thanh Le, Irena Li, Phil Barela, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 
  • Nathaniel Demmons, Vlad Hruby, Busek Company, Inc., Natick, Massachusetts
  • Jacob Slutsky, James Ira Thorpe, Peiman Maghami, Oscar Hsu, James O’Donnell, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland


    2018 AIAA Gas Turbine Engine Best Paper

    “Active Turbine Tip Clearance Control Trade Space Analysis of an Advanced Geared Turbofan Engine” (AIAA 2018-4822) 

  • Jonathan L. Kratzand Jeffreys W. Chapman, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio


    2018 AIAA High Speed Air-Breathing Propulsion Best Paper

    “Sustained Combustion Limits of a Central Dump Solid Fuel Ramjet Combustor at High Altitude Operational Conditions” (AIAA 2018-4449)  

  • Ronald G. Veraarand Wolter Wieling, TNO Defence Security and Safety, Rijswijk, The Netherlands


    2018 AIAA Hybrid Rockets Best Paper

    “Investigation of Graphite Nozzle Erosion in Hybrid Rockets Using O2/C2H4” (AIAA 2018-4531) 

  • Landon T. Kamps, Shota Hirai, Kazuhito Sakurai, Tor Viscor– Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
  • Yuji Saito– Tokoku University, Sendai, Japan
  • Raymond Guan– The University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  • Hikaru IsochiNaoto Adachi– Uematsu Electric Co., Akabira, Japan  
  • Mitsunori Itoh– IHI Corporation, Yokohama, Japan and Harunori Nagata, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.


    2018 AIAA Hybrid Rockets Best Student Paper

    “Hypergolic Ignition and Relights of a Paraffin-based Hybrid Grain” (AIAA 2018-4661)

  • Alicia Benhidjeb-Carayon, Jason Gabland Timothee L. Pourpoint, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana


    2018 AIAA Liquid Propulsion Best Paper

    “Computational Analysis of Supercritical and Transcritical Flow in Cooling Channels with Rough Surface” (AIAA 2018-4465)  

  • Hideyo Negishi, Yu Daimon and Hideto Kawashima, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Ibaraki, Japan


    2018 AIAA Nuclear and Future Flight Propulsion Best Paper

    Consideration of Low Enriched Uranium Space Reactors (AIAA 2018-4673)  

  • David L. Black, Retired, Formerly Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Washington, D.C.


    2018 AIAA Pressure Gain Combustion Best Paper

    Characterization of Detonation Wave Propagation in a Rotating Detonation Rocket Engine using Direct High-Speed Imaging (AIAA – 4688)

  • John W. BennewitzBlaine R. Bigler- ERC, Inc.
  • William A. HargusStephen A. Danczyk- Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Richard D. Smith- GHKN Engineering, LLC.


    2018 AIAA Propellants and Combustion Best Paper

    “Complete Determination of the Velocity Gradient Tensor upstream of the Flame Front with High-Speed Tomo-PIV/Dual-Plane-PIV/OH-PLIF Measurements” (AIAA – 0153)

  • Tongxun Yi, Christopher A. Fugger, Naibo Jiang, Josef Felver, Mikhail N. Slipchenko,and Sukesh Roy– Spectral Energies, LLC
  • Travis Smith, Jamie Lim, Matthew Sirignano, Benjamin L. Emerson, Tim C. Lieuwen– School of Space Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Benjamin R. Hallsand James R. Gord– Air Force Research Laboratory


    2018 AIAA Space Architecture Best Paper

    “Recommendations for Next Generation Crew Quarters” (ICES 2018-106)  

  • Brandon W. Maryatt, NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Michael J. Van Wie, KBRwyle
  • Toni A. Clark, Leidos, Inc.


    2018 AIAA Space Architecture Best Student Paper

    “MARSH: Multi-Mission Artificial-Gravity Reusable Space Habitat” (AIAA 2018-5100) 

  • Dale Martin, Melissa Adams, Spencer Aman, Derek Bierly, Andrew Delmont, Caleb Fricke, Simon Hochmuth, Nicholas Levitsky, Neel Patel, Aseel Syed, Skylar Trythall, Peter Wight and David L. Akin, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland


    2018 AIAA Solid Rockets Best Paper

    “An analytical model for acoustic induced heat release disturbances from aluminum combustion in solid rocket motors” (AIAA 2018-4788) 

  • Aurélien Genot, CNES DLA, Paris, France
  • Stany Gallier, ArianeGroup, Vert-le-Petit, France
  • Thierry Schuller, Laboratoire EM2C, Toulouse, France 


    2018 AIAA Solid Rockets Best Student Paper

  • “Overview of a Supersonic Probe for Solid Propellant Rocket CCP Collection” (AIAA 2018-4882) 

  • Stefania Carlotti, Filippo Maggi, Riccardo Bisin, StefanoDossi and LucianoGalfetti, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
  • Dominik Saileand Ali Gülhan, German Aerospace Center, Cologne Germany
  • Christopher Grolland Tobias Langener, European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


    2019 AIAA Terrestrial Energy Systems Best Paper

    “Impact of alternative fuel on gas turbine noise, vibration and instability” (AIAA 2019-0240) 

  • Charith J. Wijesinghe and Bhupendra Khandelwal, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom


    In addition to these technical awards, we will be presenting two citations for continued commitment to the work of AIAA: 

    2019 Sustained Service Award 

    Marty K. Bradley
    Technical Fellow, Boeing Commercial Airplanes 

    For sustained, significant service at the national level with emphasis on Technical and Program/Integration Committee leadership, including formation of new committees. 

    2019 Sustained Service Award 

    Timothy Dominick 
    Senior Principal Mechanical Engineer, Northrop Grumman  

    For sustained AIAA leadership at the section, region, and national committee levels attested by service to the Delaware Section and Public Policy Committee.