FlightLab: Comeback of Riblet Surfaces in Aviation - Hype or Hope? 13 June - 12 June 2023

Riblets are well know in Aviation as there have been many research in the last century (see AIAA Papers). However there was never a real usage or business case. In recent years more and more research was done (see AIAA Scitech Papers) with different players. Now also Industry is jumping in and investing many recourses in that topic. However, it seems there are many question marks behind the economical benefit of Riblets. The discussion should be about if it is just another Hype or if Riblets "stay" in Aviation this time.
  • Placeholder-Male Aaron Altman
    Aerodynamic Technologies Branch Technical Advisor, USAF Research Laboratory
  • David-Gonzalez David Gonzalez
    Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics, Control Program Officer, Aerospace Sciences Division, Office of Naval Research
  • Placeholder-Male Timothy J. Hebrink
    Senior Staff Scientist, 3M Corporate Research Laboratory
  • Placeholder-Male Jonathan W. Naughton
    Professor of Mechanical Engineering University of Wyoming, Director, UW Wind Energy Research Center (WERC)
  • Brian-Smith-2023 Brian Smith
    Lockheed Martin Senior Fellow, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company