Forum 360: Flying Faster with the Science of Hypersonics: Challenges and Opportunities 17 June 2019 1400 - 1600


Hypersonic vehicles for military applications are bursting onto the scene, driven by an acceleration of technologies. At the same time, the "need for speed" has implications for future commercial applications as well. These experts will discuss current research, concepts, and the technical challenges that still must be solved.
  • Kevin-Bowcutt-2022 Kevin Bowcutt
    Senior Technical Fellow and Chief Scientist of Hypersonics, The Boeing Company
  • Michael White Michael White
    Assistant Director, Hypersonics, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, Department of Defense
  • Graham Candler Graham Candler
    McKnight Presidential Professor, Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Russell J. Penrose Professor, Associate Department Head, University of Minnesota
  • Richard Hallion Richard Hallion
    Aerospace Historian and Founding Museum Curator, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution (ret.)
  • Ivett Leyva Ivett Leyva
    Program Officer, Engineering and Complex Systems, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • Eric Marineau Eric Marineau
    Program Officer, Hypersonics, Office of Naval Research