Forum 360: Operational Sustainability in Increasingly Congested and Heterogeneous Earth Orbits 6 January 2022 1430 - 1600

The increase of launches, commercial activity, and satellite constellations brings increasing challenges for managing space traffic. This panel will discuss what the space sector can learn from air traffic management, what is the role of autonomous systems, and what policies and procedures are needed for managing debris challenges and promoting space safety.

  • Craig-Gravelle Craig Gravelle
    Senior Director, Strategic Development, Space Systems and Technologies, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems
  • Moriba-Jah-2021 Moriba Jah
    Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, University of Texas at Austin
  • Holger-Krag-300x300 Holger Krag
    Head of the Space Safety Programme Office, European Space Agency
  • Sandy-Magnus-2021 Sandra Magnus
    Principal, AstroPlanetview LLC
  • MarlonSorge-thumbnail Marlon Sorge
    Technical Fellow, The Aerospace Corporation