Forum 360: Aerospace Innovation Enables Resilient Communities 6 January 2020 1400 - 1600

How are Aerospace Innovations helping communities fight the various problems our world is facing today? Why is this so important to talk about right now? Why are we dedicating our resources to these types of projects and what will this mean for the future? This panel will explore these questions and more as experts talk through why innovations in aerospace technology are helping to build resilient communities on our home planet.
  • Mark-Mozena_Photo Mark Mozena
    Vice President, Government Affairs, Planet Federal
  • Gijs de Boer - Photo Gijs de Boer
    Research Scientist III, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado and NOAA Physical Sciences Division
  • Rhiannan_Price_Photo Rhiannan Price
    Director, Sustainable Development Practice, Maxar Technologies
  • John-Murray-Photo John Murray
    Associate Program Manager, NASA Earth Science Disasters Program, NASA Langley Research Center