IPLC: Looking Back to the Future: V/STOL Evolution and Its Current Revolution 13 June 2023 1300 - 1500

This presentation will review the major successes and failures in the field of V/STOL aviation, and compiles specific lessons learned that have endured the test of time. In addition, the past will be tied to the future by looking at the evolution of V/STOL aircraft and how current advances have pushed the V/STOL engineering discipline to the forefront of aeronautical innovation and entrepreneurship in the US and around the world. Host: Geoffrey Jeram, U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Command Speaker: Erasmo Piñero - Airborne Tactical Advantage Compay (ATAC)

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  • Presenter

    Erasmo-Pinero-2023Erasmo Piñero, R&D Chief Engineer, Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC)