Rising Leaders in Aerospace: Collaboration with the International Forum for Aviation Research (IFAR) 16 June 2020 1600 - 1700

Rising Leaders in Aerospace, in collaboration with the International Forum for Aviation Research Virtual Exchange series, invites you to hear from Greg Bowles, Head of Government Affairs at Joby Aviation. This session will provide you with an opportunity to develop experience and international networking. 


Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Historically in aviation, major technical advances have been driven by new types of propulsion; we are fortunate to live in the age where electric propulsion is taking hold. Just as the accessibility of aviation grew by orders of magnitude in accessibility when piston engines begot the jet age, the availability of electric aviation propulsion will have as dramatic an effect on society.

To fully realize the benefits of electric propulsion in aviation requires more than the supposition of one powerplant for another. Electric aircraft provide a myriad of new control and aerodynamic tools which are even still being brought into reality. Today aviation regulators and innovators work shoulder to shoulder to address new challenges to bring these new aircraft into operation over the next few years.

The effective introduction of these new aircraft will allow all of us increase our daily circle of activity in a more dramatic fashion than occurred with the invention of trains or cars. To enable these benefits requires understanding, planning and coordination. The opportunities for smart people to engage in this quickly evolving world are widespread. Let us continue the work together

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