SciTech Student & YP Movie Night – Mars Generation 14 January 2021 2000 - 2200

Looking for a way to connect to other student and YP attendees at SciTech? Join AIAA and special guest commentators from NASA as we watch the Netflix documentary The Mars Generation using the RAVE app together! Our guest commentators will be Sarah Shull and Robert Howard. Sarah Shull is Strategic Analysis and Formulation Lead and Robert Howard is Habitability Domain Lead and Co-Lead, Center for Design and Space Architecture. Both Sarah Shull and Robert Howard work at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. All you need is an Android or iOS phone or tablet, and you can join our RAVE party (free), chat with a special guest and make new friends! Just download the RAVE app from the App Store or Google Play Store. When you are ready to join, just login to the RAVE app from the App Store or Google Play Store and sign in to your Netflix account. Look for our public RAVE Mars Generation and click to join. Start chatting anytime!