Space Asset Protection 15 September 2021 1600 - 1730

While the Interim National Security Strategic Guidance released in March calls for ensuring the “safety, stability and security of outer space activities” (p. 17), much work remains to be done to protect our space assets. The panel moderator and one of the panelists argue that “It's time to protect our nation’s space-based systems by designating them as critical infrastructure. Without adequate security, cyberattackers can cause them to malfunction, send false information or collide, potentially creating a debris field that could linger for decades. Worse, cyberattackers could simulate an attack on military systems, sparking an international — possibly nuclear — confrontation” (Edward Swallow and Samuel Visner, “It’s time to declare space systems as critical infrastructure,” POLITICO, April 2, 2021. How do the various commands, agencies, and organizations involved cooperate; how can the defense community support; and what new policies, products, and solutions are needed to secure space assets? 
  • Jamie Morin Photo Jamie Morin
    Vice President of Defense Systems Operations, Defense Systems Group, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Brian-L-Bracy Col Brian Bracy, USSF
    Chief (Acting), Systems Engineering and Architecture, Office of the Portfolio Architect, Space Systems Command
  • placeholder image Roberta Ewart
    Chief Scientist, Space Systems Command
  • RONALD-L-KEEN-200 Ronald Keen
    Senior Advisor, National Risk Management Center, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security
  • Samuel-S-Visner Samuel S. Visner
    Director, National Cybersecurity Federally Funded Research and Development Center, MITRE; Board Member, Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC)