Teacher Friday: Educator Professional Development Workshop 27 January 2023 0900 - 1400

Hear from educators and engineers about the emerging aerospace challenges of the 21st century and learn how to introduce advanced STEM concepts into your classrooms. Find out about newly developed standards-based curriculum and integrated projects that can be introduced in the classroom, including small satellites and weather balloons.

Hear from:

  • Eric Pyle (NSTA)
  • Adam Kemp (Princeton International School of Science and Mathematics)
  • Melissa Sleeper (Storm Grove Middle School)
  • Barbie Buckner (NASA Goddard)
  • Christina Milotte (NASA Goddard)
  • Geoffrey Andrews (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
  • Robin Houston (Prince George's County Public Schools)
  • Craig Merrett (Clarkson University)
  • Gregg Cannady (STEM School Highlands Ranch)