Transformational Flight Certification Symposium 17 June 2020 0930 - 1630

The Transformational Flight Certification Symposium focuses on building type certification into the design of advanced aircraft. Attendees will learn about the FAA certification process and the role of ASTM, SAE, GAMA, and RTCA standards and guidelines in the certification process. The symposium will feature panelists from FAA offices, and leaders of standards committees discussing their roadmaps. A panel of advanced aircraft manufacturers will speak about their experiences working through product development toward design certification.

"The Road from Dreams to Certification"
0930 – 1030 EDT
Panelist: Lowell Foster, Director of Global Innovation and Engineering, GAMA

Foster will provide a realistic and useful guide to aircraft designers who are turning their dreams into a marketable product. Includes questions that the applicant needs to answer to define special conditions and certification plans for design, and operational approaches not presently covered under certification standards.

“Certification for Electric and Advanced Aircraft: Lessons Learned and How-Tos”
1030 – 1130 EDT
Moderator: Wes Ryan, Unmanned and Pilotless Aircraft Technology Lead, 
Policy & Innovation Division, FAA
Panelists: Gary Horan, Propulsion Standards Staff, Electric/Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Focal, Policy & Innovation Division, FAA 
David Jenson, Small Airplane Standards, Electric Propulsion Lead, Policy & Innovation Division, FAA
Andy Supinie, Propulsion Standards Staff, Electric/Hybrid-Electric Focal Policy & Innovation Division, FAA

The FAA perspective on certification on novel and emerging aircraft technologies and operations. Learn how to work with the FAA and get your aircraft certified and into service.

"Manufacturers on Certification for Electric Aircraft"
1130 – 1330  EDT
Moderator: Lowell Foster, Director of Global Innovation and Engineering, GAMA
Greg Bowles, Head of Government Affairs, Joby
Patrick Darmstadt, Drive and Power Systems Engineer and Technologist at the Boeing Company 
Andrew Gibson, President, ES Aero 
Tom Gunnarson, Wisk
Luciano Serra, Head of Systems Integrity, magniX 
Tine Tomazsic, Group CTO, Pipistrel Vertical Solutions 

Manufacturers share their experiences introducing electric propulsion into operational aircraft, and the challenges they experienced with their civil aviation authorities around the world. They will also share their lessons, in which the civil aviation authorities have evolved their certification, and in some cases, regulatory framework, to address the new technologies. The manufacturers discuss the importance of building standards from which means-of-compliance can be established, and its effect on the manufacturing process.

"Automation Certification Path"
1400 – 1630 EDT
Moderator: Wes Ryan, Unmanned and Pilotless Aircraft Technology Lead at Federal Aviation Administration
Ella Atkins, Professor, Aerospace Engineering Department, University of Michigan
Anna Dietrich, Consultant, Policy for Innovative General Aviation
Noel Duerksen, Consultant
Borja Martos, President, Flight Level Engineering 
David Sizoo, Project Manager, FAA 

New research and work is being poured into increasing automation onboard aircraft toward future autonomy. How will autonomy be certified? Emergency autonomous autoland was slated for certification by the FAA in 2019. ASTM working group 377 is working on the Three Pillars of Autonomy to set a standardization path leading to certifiable avionics.  This panel will discuss these breakthroughs, what’s coming next, and how to work within these paths to lead a new design to certification.
  • Wes-Ryan Wes Ryan
    Program Manager at NASA’s Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI)