Transforming the Role of the UAV 12 January 2021 1100 - 1130

For over two decades, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) have been employed, whether high or medium altitude, for similar-type missions. These missions tend to exploit their long endurance attribute and they have seen great success. However, what has been part of their success has also generally typecast them into very specific roles. The challenge is that the missions and objectives of their customers have shifted in recent times. The benefits of using reliable and proven platforms to meet emerging objectives are numerous and multifaceted. But that’s the easy part… The hard part is meeting these same emerging objectives while being an important player, but this time, of a much bigger team.

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  • Claudia-Mowery Claudia Mowery
    Vice President – USAF Programs, Aircraft Systems, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.