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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Diversity & Inclusion

AIAA leadership recognizes that a diverse membership is essential to the Institute's vision to be the voice of the aerospace profession, and to shape the future of aerospace. Our vision is to ensure the AIAA strategic imperatives are realized through diversity and inclusion:

  • To develop and expand our community
  • To strengthen our existing community
  • To deliver exceptional results

PDF copy of the plan

Diversity Working Group

AIAA created the Diversity Working Group to ensure that we encourage participation and collaboration across all genders, ethnicities and races, and to enhance our representation of the entire industry. It is the working group's goal to improve on the following statistics, and grow the number of women and people from different races and ethnicities, to make our membership more representative of current industry demographics. The work of the committee is accomplished by sub groups.

  • Outreach Subgroup: identifies and recommends academic, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations with which AIAA should formulate strategic partnerships.
  • Programming Subgroup: Identifies and develops programs that will provide education, awareness, support, and growth of diversity within AIAA.
  • Leadership, Growth, and Retention Subgroup: identifies and develops opportunities that will foster leadership and growth of underrepresented constituencies and identify and develop opportunities that will encourage underrepresented constituencies connected to AIAA.
  • Communications Subgroup: Communicates with AIAA members, sponsors, and the public about diversity efforts within AIAA.

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Diversity Award

This award recognizes an individual or group within AIAA who has devoted time and effort and made significant contributions to the advancement of diversity and inclusion within the Institute. It also seeks to raise awareness on the value of a diverse membership and inclusive environment, and of important and challenging issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion in the aerospace workforce at large.

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Get Engaged!

One great way to get engaged with the Diversity Working Group is to join AIAA's first-ever LinkedIn " subgroup," which is focused on diversity. As a member of AIAA's Diversity LinkedIn subgroup, you will be notified about articles, announcements, and related discussions.  You will also be able to start discussions, contribute articles, and participate in online dialogues. Encouraging and enabling that participation among AIAA members and leadership is a fundamental reason for this group.

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2017 Women in Aeronautics
and Astronautics (WIAA) event.

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"Women @ SciTech" event,
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"Women @ SciTech" event,
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