AIAA has played a critical role in advancing space exploration, inspiration, and discovery since the beginning of modern rocketry. Space is becoming an essential part of our everyday lives and there are more and more entities getting involved, making space more congested and complex, requiring new rules and norms so that all participants can coexist and prosper. AIAA plays a key role in bringing diverse perspectives together to collaboratively develop solutions. Based on its decades of technical heritage, AIAA fosters the advancement of key future technologies and helps play a role in developing newly required technical standards.

  • Insights into the AIAA Domain Approach

    Aerospace America

    The AIAA Domain Leads share their insights on how the Domain approach will help AIAA move the industry forward by addressing key priorities and issues.

AIAA Executive Director Dan Dumbacher highlights the importance of the new Domain approach at AIAA.

Priority Areas in Space

 Space Traffic Management / Space Traffic Coordination With the ever-growing presence of objects in space, especially the large LEO constellations, there are needs for norms, rules, and principles to guide the use of outer space if we are to preserve it for current and future generations.

 Space Sustainability How can we best use space/space assets to protect and manage our planet’s resources, people, and property and to address the climate crisis?

 Space Exploration How can we sustainably explore our solar system and beyond including the capabilities of the many new companies and countries that have spacefaring capability and ambitions?
 Outpacing the Space Threat Space is essential to our everyday lives. How do we protect this asset, maintain U.S. global leadership, and continue to defend U.S. national security interests?
 Competitive and Burgeoning Space Economy Space use continues to expand and become more of a commercial concern. The United States must evolve how it works in space to maintain and continue to grow the U.S. commercial space sector.




Past Events

  • ASCENDxWebinar-Phobos ASCENDxWebinar: A Phobos Telescope for Science and Exploration

    25 June 2024 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time)


    Join us for an exciting ASCENDxWebinar on the Phobos Telescope’s role in future space exploration.
  • BSA-Merit-Badges-wiki How to Conduct a BSA Merit Badge Fair

    13 June 2024 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time)

    Discover new ways your Section can participate in STEM outreach to inspire the younger generation.
  • University-of-Bristol-wikipedia-thumbnail CEAS EuroGNC 2024

    11 June - 13 June 2024

    Bristol, United Kingdom

    The 2024 conference will be hosted from June 11th to 13th, 2024 at the University of Bristol in Bristol, United Kingdom and with the support of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS).

Space Playlist

Task Forces

  • The AIAA Cislunar Ecosystem Task Force  (CETF) is focused on the coordination of government, aerospace industry, adjacent industry, and supporting institution participation in a whole-of-economy effort to promote development of a cislunar ecosystem comprising the necessary infrastructure and institutions for permanent, sustainable human presence off-world between LEO and the lunar surface.

  • The AIAA Space Traffic Management  Task Force is leading an outreach effort calling on Congress to develop a civil space traffic management function in the U.S. government. We have assembled major stakeholders from the space industry, as well as the insurance, finance, international, legal, and technical sectors, all of whom have emphasized the urgency of this issue with key congressional staff.

     STM Working Group–Public Forum


AIAA Space Lead
  • Roger-McNamara-2023 Roger McNamara
    AIAA Space Traffic Management / Space Traffic Coordination Task Force Lead