Advanced High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion

In This Section


Revolutionary methods of high-speed air-breathing propulsion are needed to extend the flight regime of aircraft and missiles and to improve Earth-to-orbit spacecraft. This course introduces students to the design and development processes of high-speed propulsion, including ramjets, scramjets, and turbine-based combined-cycle (TBCC) concepts. It presents a comprehensive overview of the state of the art, including highlights of current high-speed propulsion programs around the world. An introduction to multidisciplinary design optimization helps students to appreciate the challenges of developing breakthrough propulsion technology.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for engineers, researchers, students, scientists, and managers engaged in research, development, and testing of advanced air-breathing and rocket propulsion.

Why Attend

Learn about the following topics:

  • Aerothermodynamics and engine performance analysis
  • Flow path analysis
  • Ramjet and scramjet multidisciplinary design optimization
  • Fuels and combustion
  • Structures and materials
  • High-speed combined-cycle propulsion

Dr. Dora E. Musielak
Dr. Musielak has over 27 years of experience leading research programs in industry and academia in high speed reacting flows, combustion, turbulence, and fuel injection for scramjet engine applications, rocket and pulse detonation (PDE) propulsion. She is AIAA Associate Fellow and chairs the High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion TC.