Aerospace Survivability (Classified Course at AIAA DEFENSE FORUM - 14 April 2023) 14 April 2023 0800 - 1700 Kossiakoff Center at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD

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This 1-day post-forum course is intended to introduce the concept of survivability to engineers, analysts, and program managers working in the aerospace industry.  Students should get an introduction to the basic concepts of susceptibility and vulnerability and how these concepts affect aerospace design.  Additionally, students will see examples of how the survivability design discipline is incorporated into modern military platforms to highlight the key attributes of survivability.


  • Provide students with the basic understanding of aircraft and spacecraft survivability with a Systems Engineering approach.
  • Provide students with the basic concepts of susceptibility and vulnerability as it pertains to the overall survivability of aerospace systems.
  • Provide students with the basic understanding of the kill chain analysis and conditional probabilities as it pertains to survivability of aerospace systems.
  • Provide students with an introduction to basic survivability technical concepts such as damage mechanisms, threat analysis, and design concepts for aerospace survivability.
  • [see below for detailed outline]

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  The targeted audience includes engineers, analysts, and program managers, both in the DoD and Industry, part of the aerospace/defense industry.


Early Member/Government Employee - $299 (by 29 March)

Standard Member/Government Employee - $399 (by 14 April)

Full Course Rate - $499

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1. Aircraft and Spacecraft Survivability - Introduction and Historical Perspective

2. Survivability Testing and Trade Studies

3. Kill Chain - Mission and Campaign Level

4. Threat Operations and Threat Effects

5. Susceptibility A - Acoustics and Visualization

6. Susceptibility B - Radar Signatures

7. Susceptibility C - Infrared Signatures

8. Vulnerability

9. Recoverability, Force Protection and Wrap Up


As this is a classified course, no classified materials will be distributed outside of the classroom.

For additional suggested/recommended reading please reference The Fundamentals of Aircraft Combat Survivability Analysis and Design, 2nd Ed - R. E. Ball



John Hansen – Assistant Professor of Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology

Steven Broussard – Survivability Engineer, Boeing



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