AIAA Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop (AePW-3)



The third Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop (AePW-3) was last held in conjunction with the 2023 AIAA SciTech Forum.  The workshop is an open and impartial forum meant to assess and evaluate the current state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice in computational aeroelastic modeling.  The workshop is aimed at understanding the effectiveness of current tools towards predicting aeroelastic phenomena critical for aircraft analysis and design, and also identifying computational and experimental areas of research needing further development.  In order to better reflect the diverse needs and backgrounds across the aeroelastic community, the workshop has been broken into four working groups: the High-Angle working group (HAWG: focused on transonic buffet and flutter phenomena); the Flight-Test working group (FTWG: focused on flutter mechanisms involving rigid body motions); the Large-Deformation working group (LDWG: focused on slender wings undergoing large nonlinear structural deformations); and the High-Speed working group (HSWG: focused on supersonic flow over flexible panels and plates).  Research from each of these working groups will be presented at the workshop, followed by a detailed discussion and interpretation of the results.  Re-analysis and future workshop plans will also be discussed.  The AePW-3 is sponsored by the AIAA Structural Dynamics Technical Committee.

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