Aircraft Maintenance Management


Instructed by Mr. Daniel Olufisan, author of the book Aircraft Reliability and Reliability Centred Maintenance – A Practical Guide for Aircraft Reliability Engineers 

This interactive instructor-led professional development course is designed to equip participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to systematically manage maintenance operations within an MRO facility. It includes a number of illustrative examples and activities to facilitate practical understanding and competence development.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Define maintenance and related terms.
2. Briefly discuss the requirements, structure, and manual of a maintenance organization.
3. Explain what maintenance planning and management entails.
4. Produce a maintenance work schedule and package.
5. Outline pertinent maintenance records documentation and control requirements.
6. Identify and discuss key considerations in maintenance inventory and supply chain management.

AUDIENCE: The course is targeted at maintenance engineers, supervisors and managers within a maintenance organization. In particular, it is suitable for those who are new to the subject matter or are already familiar with the fundamentals of the subject but require formal training to improve their knowledge and practical skill set.

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Type of Course: Instructor-Led Short Course
Course Level: Fundamentals
Course Length: 3 days
AIAA CEU's available: Yes


Course Outline
The course is made up of the following 5 core modules/chapters:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Fundamentals
    • Maintenance Definition
    • Maintenance Types
    • Maintenance Release
  • Aircraft Maintenance Organization
    • Organizational Requirements
    • Organizational Structure
    • Organizational Manual
  • Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Management
    • Work Capacity & Capability Planning
    • Work Scheduling
    • Work Package Preparation
    • Work Monitoring & Management
    • Work Review
  • Aircraft Maintenance Records Management
    • Need for Records Keeping
    • Records Documentation & Control Requirements
    • Records Management System
  • Aircraft Maintenance Inventory & Supply Chain Management
    • Aircraft Component
    • Inventory Management
    • Supply Chain Management

Mr. Daniel Olufisan is a proficient and enthusiastic consultant specializing in the initial and continuing airworthiness of aircraft. He is an Incorporated Engineer with the UK Engineering Council, UK’s regulatory body for the engineering profession. He is also a Member of the UK Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), and a past Chairman of the Society's Airworthiness and Maintenance Specialist Group (A&MSG) committee. Furthermore, he is an elected member of the Society's Council, and until recently, a representative of the Society on the Executive Board of the International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA). Daniel has accrued 15+ years of professional experience in the airworthiness sector, spanning both industry and academia. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Physics and an MSc in Aerospace Engineering with Distinction and is the author of the book: “Aircraft Reliability and Reliability Centred Maintenance – A Practical Guide for Aircraft Reliability Engineers”. He is currently the training director and principal airworthiness consultant at Wing Engineering Limited.


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