Preliminary Design of Air Breathing Engines

In This Section

  • The Engine Design Process (1)
    • Introduction
    • Design: from Concept to Manufacture
  • The Engine Design Process (2)
    • Propulsion Systems & Components
  • Engine Cycles & Configurations 
    • The Simple Turbojet & Performance Criteria
    • More Complex Engine Configurations
  • Fans & Compressors
    • Performance Requirements
    • The Compression Process
    • Design Approach
  • Turbines
    • Performance Requirements
    • The Expansion Process
  • Combustors & Augmenters
    • Performance Requirements
    • Combustion Fundamentals
    • Main Combustor Design Consideration
    • Augmenter Design Considerations
    • Ramjets and Scramjets
  • Exhaust Systems
    • Requirements & Performance Criteria
    • Subsonic & Multi-mission Nozzles
    • Noise Considerations
  • Inlets & Nacelles
    • Installation & Performance
    • Subsonic & Multi-mission Inlets
    • Performance Criteria
  • Secondary Systems
    • Aerodynamic, Fluid, Mechanical
  • The Future of Design Methods
    • Levels of Modeling
    • The role of Thermal Management
    • Towards a “Numerical Test Cell”




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Dr. Ian Halliwell

Dr. Ian Halliwell has 36 years international experience in engine design, development & research. He has taught the practical aspects of aerospace propulsion from an industrial base for over 25 years. He is currently Senior Research Scientist at Avetec, a non-profit aerospace research organization in Springfield, Ohio, where he specializes in the design of complete propulsion systems, in turning advanced concepts into hardware and in the development of new simulation & modeling methods. He is an active member of the AIAA Propulsion and Energy Group, an AIAA Associate Fellow and currently chairs the Gas Turbine Engines Technical Committee. 


Steve Beckel

Mr. Beckel has a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering and over 28 years experience in the design, development and test of turbine, ramjet and scramjet propulsion systems. He has taught undergraduate engineering courses in fluid dynamics, combustion and energy systems as well as propulsion short courses for NASA, the Von Karman Institute and AIAA . He is currently the director for Advanced Propulsion at Alliant Techsystems (ATK) Missile Products Group. Mr Beckel is an AIAA Associate Fellow and an active member of the High Speed Airbreathing Propulsion Technical Committee.