UAV Aircraft Design by Dan Raymer – Online Short Course (Starts Feb 22, 2022) 22 February - 3 March 2022 Online

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Instructed by Dr. Daniel P. Raymer, author of the best-selling AIAA textbook "Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach"

  • February 22-24 and March 1-3, 2022 (2 Weeks, 6 Classes, 24 Total Hours)
  • Tues/Wed/Thurs from 1200-1600 Eastern Time (0900-1300 Pacific Time)
  • Course notes will be available for individual download; classes will not be recorded
  • All students will receive an AIAA Certificate of Completion at the end of the course
For over 25 years Dr. Daniel P. Raymer has been presenting engineering short courses related to Aerospace Vehicle Design, and for those specializing in the design of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles/Systems, this in-depth 24-hour online course is a rare opportunity to learn from the man who literally wrote the book on aircraft design.

Key Topics 
  • Conceptual design, development, and operation of unmanned/uninhabited air vehicles 
  • Roles, missions, operations, command & control of UAV’s 
  • Historical perspective 
  • Operational & developmental UAV’s 
  • Requirements definition 
  • Aircraft conceptual design methods suitable for UAV’s 
  • Preliminary sizing & layout design 
  • Analysis of aerodynamics, weights, propulsion, range, performance
  • Cost estimation, and optimization 
  • Case studies, and recent UAV developments 
  • (See below for full course outline)
Who Should Attend: This course is suitable as continuing education for those interested in numerous aspects of UAV design and development. It is intended for industry professionals (engineers, engineering managers), scientists, professors, and engineering students with varying levels of experience, including those who are new to UAV Design in research, military, and commercial applications.
Course Fees:
  • AIAA Member Price: $1495 USD
  • Non-Member Price: $1795 USD
  • AIAA Student Member Price: $995 USD

Classroom hours / CEUs: 24 classroom hours / 24 CEU/PDH

Contact: Please contact Jason Cole or Customer Service if you have questions about the course or group discounts (for 5+ participants).

Class 1:

· Introduction

· Roles and missions

· Historical overview

· Current UAV models/designs


Class 2:

· UAV requirements definition

· Command and control

· Avionics overview

· Case Study: BQM-167


Class 3:

· Aircraft conceptual design methods

· Preliminary sizing

· Takeoff/landing options

· Extreme endurance

· Electric aircraft

· Case Study: Global Hawk


Class 4:

· UAV design analysis including aerodynamics

· Weights

· Propulsion

· Range

· Performance analysis

· Case Study: UAV Design-Build-Fly


Class 5:

· UAV structure and manufacturing concepts

· UAV subsystems and operations

· Derivative Aircraft Design & Analysis


Class 6:

· Cost analysis & optimization methods

· Case Study: Tactical UAVs

Course Delivery and Materials
  • The classes will be held via Zoom meetings. You can test your connection here:
  • Classes will not be recorded
  • All slides will be available for individual download.  No part of these materials may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted, unless for course participants. All rights reserved.

Dr Daniel P Raymer is President of the design and consulting company, Conceptual Research Corporation, and serves as Program Manager, Configuration Designer, and Chief Engineer for its varied projects.

Recipient of the prestigious AIAA Aircraft Design Award, Dr. Raymer is a recognized expert in the areas of Aerospace Vehicle Design and Configuration Layout, Computer-aided Design Methodologies and Design Education. During his 10 years in the Advanced Design Department of Rockwell (North American Aviation) he conceived and did the layout design of Rockwell's entries in what became the F-22, B-2, and T-45 programs, and was Head of Air Vehicle Design for the X-31.

His industry career includes positions as Director-Advanced Design with Lockheed, Director-Future Missions at the Aerojet Propulsion Research Institute, and Project Manager-Engineering at Rockwell North American Aviation. He also served as a research engineer and aerospace design consultant at the famous RAND Corporation think tank.

Dr. Raymer is the author of the best-selling AIAA textbook "Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach". Raymer wrote and continues to improve the RDSwin aircraft design and analysis software. He has received both Rockwell Engineer of the Year and the AIAA Summerfield Book awards. He is a Fellow of the American Inst. of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) and the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE).

Contact: Please contact Lisa Le or Customer Service if you have questions about the course or group discounts (for 5+ participants).