International Student Conference 10 January - 12 January 2021 Virtual

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Dates: 10–12 January 2021

Location: Virtual

The International Student Conference is an invitation-only student conference contained within the annual AIAA SciTech Forum and Exposition. First-place winners from each of the previous year’s AIAA Regional Student Conferences are invited to present their winning papers at the International Student Conference in front of a panel of professional member judges in the undergraduate, masters, and team categories. At the conclusion of the conference, the AIAA Foundation will award three $1,000 cash prizes to each category’s first place winners. Want to get invited to SciTech? Be sure to enter your paper into your Regional Student Conference next year!

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AIAA Would like to thank Lockheed Martin for its generous support of the International Student Conference. Hear why Lockheed Martin finds value in supporting our student members:

“Lockheed Martin is honored to partner with the AIAA Foundation to impact STEM-based students and educators starting at the K-12 levels and going thru higher education. We are especially enthusiastic about our direct engagement with student members across all seven AIAA regions, including international, and are greatly inspired by the students we meet at design competitions, student conferences, awards events and AIAA Forums. A huge salute goes to the AIAA Foundation for your work in recognizing the critical importance of supporting the next generation of “best and brightest” engineers and scientists, and thank you for bringing Lockheed Martin on your journey.”

Mary Snitch, Global S&T Organizations, Lockheed Martin

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Sunday, 10 January 2021
1630 hrs – 1700 hrs:  Participant Orientation
1830 hrs – 1930 hrs: Student Welcome Reception

Monday, 11 January 2021
0900 hrs –1300 hrs: Paper presentation sessions

Tuesday, 12 January 2021
0900 hrs – 1200 hrs: Student Awards Breakfast and announcement of winners


How does someone get invited to present at the International Student Conference?
Participants are invited to present at the International Student Conference based on their participating in one of the seven AIAA Regional Student Conferences the previous year. Only first-place winners in each category will receive an invitation.

Does AIAA pay for invited participants to travel to the SciTech Forum?
Yes! AIAA will pay for one member of your authorship team to travel to SciTech. This includes roundtrip coach airfare, a hotel room for the duration of the conference, conference registration and a Visa gift card to offset some expenses.

Will participants’ papers be published as part of the forum?
Yes. Participants’ papers will be published as part of the SciTech proceedings. Authors’ names and papers will also be listed in the forum program.

Will there be networking opportunities for me?
Yes. As part of the package, you will be provided complimentary registration. Please take full advantage of this and attend all of the networking events that you can. Additionally, you will be provided a special schedule that includes events curated for you. Please plan to attend all of those!

Will the sessions be recorded?
No, the sessions will not be recorded.

Do I need to bring a laptop?
AIAA will provide a laptop and projector in each session room. As a best practice, you should always bring your laptop with you and back up your presentation to an external device or via the cloud in case there are technical issues with the equipment. Additionally, MacBook users should bring a USB-C toHDMI Adapter.

Are there rules I have to follow for this paper competition?
Yes. You can find the rules here.

Can I expect to receive judge feedback after my presentation?
Yes. All judge feedback will be returned to you at the Student Awards Breakfast.