ASCENDxSustainability: Sustaining Space for the Next Generation 8 June 2022 1200 - 1415 (Eastern Daylight Time) Online

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ASCEND-Sustainability-thumbnailToday’s space industry is rapidly growing so how do we continue to build and expand our off-world future in a more sustainable and deliberate fashion? How can all aspects – environmental, economic, and social – be integrated into present and future space efforts? How do we implement this domestically as well as internationally?

The space industry was NOT created with sustainability in mind

LEARN how sustainability is defined and embraced for space.

DISCOVER how space companies are taking sustainability to the next level.

DETERMINE how to measure what’s working and what’s not.

EXPLORE recommendations on how to sustain the space ecosystem and how that impacts Earth.

The United Nations defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The three pillars of sustainability are commonly acknowledged as environmental, economic, and social. All three must be embraced for an ecosystem to prosper and persevere.

The space industry was NOT created with sustainability in mind. At the beginning of the Space Age, longevity of the industry was not considered…that is why we have toxic chemicals that would be left behind in soils and groundwater, orbital debris, the inefficiency of single-use systems, the lack of a sustainable workforce, etc.

Sustainability is defined and applied in many ways in the space industry, and this informative event highlights a number of these strategies. Through a diverse set of case studies, we will share a myriad of sustainability best practices and lessons learned.