James Sergeant: X-59 Speaker Event 15 February 2024 1700 - 1800 (Central Standard Time) UTDesign Makerspace, SPN 2.220, Online

Hosted by the AIAA University of Texas (UTD) Student Branch

UTD-Event-2024-EngWeekWe are excited to host James Sergeant and his experience with the X-59 this Thursday, 5PM, in the UTDesign Makerspace

James Sergeant has had an extensive career at Lockheed Martin (Skunkworks) and is a current flight test engineer at Virgin Galactic. He has worked with the development of the X-59 and is excited to talk about his experiences! 

The X-59 is an experimental super-sonic aircraft meant to revolutionize modern aviation. The X-59 was developed specifically to soften the "thump" associated with surpassing speeds of Mach 1 (super-sonic). Join us to learn more about how this aircraft was developed and how it is ushering in a new era of flight!

See you there!

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