CASE Books

Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Complex SystemsTransdiciplinaryPerspectives

Chapter / Title / Author(s)
1. Mathematical Characterizations of System-of-System Attributes – Baldwin, Felder
2. So It’s Complex, Why Do I Care? – Holt, Collopy, DeTurris
3. Designer Systems of Systems: A Rational Integrated Approach of System Engineering to Tailored Aerodynamics, Aeroelasticity, Aero-Viscoelasticity, Stability, Control, Geometry, Materials, Structures, Propulsion Performance, Sizing Weight, Cost – Hilton, D’Urso, Wiener
4. Digital Twin: Mitigating Unpredictable, Undesirable Emergent Behavior in Complex Systems – Grieves, Vickers
5. Managing Systems Complexity Through Congruence – Flumerfelt, Alves, Calvo-Amodio, Hoyle, Kahlen
6. Additive Manufacturing: A Transdisciplinary Experience – Withrell, Lu, Jones
7. Expanding Socio-Technical Systems Theory through the Transdisciplinary Lens of Complexity Theory – Troyer
8. On Complementarity and the Need for a Transdisciplinary Approach in Addressing Emerging Global Health Issues – Hester, Akpinar-Elci, Shaeffer, Shaeffer
9. On the Perception of Complexity and Its Implications – Manuse, Sniezek
10. Early Phase Estimation of Variety Induced Complexity Cost Effects: A Study on Industrial Cases in Germany – Eilmus, Gumpinger, Kipp, Sandowski, Krause
11. Problem Solving and Increase of Ideality of Complex Systems – Navas

Complex Systems Engineering: Theory and PracticeComplexSystemsEngineering

Chapter / Title / Author(s)
1. Systems Thinking for Complexity in Aerospace – DeTurris, Asmady
2. The Complexity Leverage in Human System Management – Flumerfelt
3. Challenges in Modeling of Stakeholders in Systems Engineering: From End Users to Designers, Individuals to Groups – Mesmer
4. Incremental and Agile Development of Aerospace Systems: A Comparative Analysis Framework and Source List – Schindel
5. Addressing the Complexity Challenge with Adaptive Verification and Validation – Felder
6. Hopes, Dreams and Challenges of Digital Nirvana: The State of the Art of the Possible in Digital Twin and Digital Thread – West
7. Virtually Intelligent Product Systems: Digital and Physical Twins – Grieves
8. Cybersecurity as a Complex Adaptive Systems Problem – McEver, Vasatka, Syphert, West, Miled
9. Use of Concurrent Engineering Centers as a Tool for Life Cycle Governance of Complex System Design, Development, Test and Operations – Felder
10. Learning to Master Complexity through Aerospace Capstone Design and Senior Technical Electives with Enhanced Complex Aerospace Systems Engineering Content – Valasek
11. Complex Aerospace Systems Engineering Education – Chaput