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  • hypersonic missile

    Design of Modern Aircraft Structures

    21 MARCH – 20 APRIL 2023

    Learn about the most important fundamental and practical concepts in aircraft structure design including structure competencies, load paths, design philosophy, and material selection.

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  • private jet

    Introduction to Propellant Gauging

    28 MARCH – 6 APRIL 2023

    Prediction of remaining propellant for spacecraft in flight is critical in many cases, from low orbit to space exploration missions. Learn the fundamentals of propellant gauging for chemical propulsion in the space environment.

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  • business development for aerospace professionals

    Design of Space Launch Vehicles

    6 MARCH – 12 APRIL 2023

    Understand the application of numerous engineering disciplines to the design and analysis of launch vehicles, including many practical applications not found elsewhere.

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  • private jet

    Agile Systems Engineering

    13 MARCH – 5 APRIL 2023

    Learn about the major features of the Agile Development Process and the traditional Systems Engineering Process and proven techniques for merging the two.

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