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Featured Upcoming Courses

  • Aircraft

    OpenFOAM® CFD Foundations

    23–24 APRIL 2024

    Gain hands-on experience with the open-source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) toolbox, OpenFOAM®. Learn how to use OpenFOAM® and make decisions on meshing, numerics, and boundary condition setup.
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  • Applied Model-Based Systems Engineering

    Essential Model-Based Systems Engineering

    29–30 APRIL 2024

    Understand the MBSE value proposition across the project lifecycle. This course is ideal for technical or non-technical professionals preparing to undertake digital transformation in their organizations.
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  • Flight Test

    Test Foundations for Flight Test

    6 MAY–10 JUNE 2024

    Understand the fundamental components involved with planning, executing, analyzing, and reporting on a flight test program. This is a broad course and best suited to those with less than 10 years of experience in flight test engineering.
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  • Aircraft and Rotorcraft

    The Anatomy of Autonomy

    3–19 JUNE 2024

    Gain a fundamental understanding of autonomous capabilities, the foundations of their design, and their impact on current and future aviation and space systems.
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Featured On-Demand Courses

  • Introduction to Aeroelasticity: From Basics to Application

    Wind Tunnel Testing for Aircraft Development

    This course is delivered from two perspectives, one from the facility side in terms of furnishing high-quality and productive facilities with broad capabilities. The other perspective is from the client side who uses these facilities to execute aircraft performance, icing, and stability and control wind tunnel testing.
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