AIAA Volunteer Leadership

If you are considering a volunteer leadership position with AIAA, we ask that you read through the following expectations and requirements that have been established to assist you in succeeding in your role. With your help and leadership, we can continue to shape the future of aerospace.


  Know and promote Institute mission, purpose, goals, policies, programs and services
  Be knowledgeable in the domain you are leading
  Review and follow a charter for your group / project that identifies:

  • Your products and services and how they align with AIAA strategic goals and objectives
  • Target market
  • Important events, milestones, deadlines

  Ensure succession planning and recruit new, diverse members with broad representation.
  Identify priorities and provide updates
  Document policies and practices
  Share best practices
  Represent the organization to the community
  Understand roles and responsibilities as defined in the governance documents
  Be a role model and follow the Code of Conduct
  Lead by influence:

  • Establish expectations – keep goal(s) in front of your team
  • Lead by example – roll up your sleeves when necessary to make progress
  • Accommodate other demands on your volunteer teams’ time
  • Communicate regularly – solicit input and share status on progress
  • Get help when needed

  Annual acknowledgment and review of the following:

  Attend annual onboarding session
  Attend quarterly town hall meetings

Volunteer Leadership Agreement

AIAA volunteers in leadership roles are required to review and complete a volunteer leader agreement that will ask you to acknowledge and follow Institute governance policies and strategic goals and objectives. Please review and complete the volunteer leadership agreement:

Volunteer Leadership Agreement  AIAA Committee & Section Funding Document 

Upcoming Programming

10 October 2023; 1:00–1:45 p.m. ET
Virtual Town Hall Meeting

7 January 2024; 9:00–4:00 p.m. ET
AIAA SciTech Forum
Council Integrated Training and Workshop

Past Programs

8, 16, 24 August 2023
Virtual Regional Leadership Conference (Regional and Section Officer Training)

23 June 2023
AIAA Virtual Town Hall Meeting
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View Zoom Meeting Discussion  (Passcode: ANh8v$sK)

Wednesday, 14 June 2023
Consensus and Collaboration – Empowering Volunteer Leaders

Monday, 12 June 2023
Leading by Influence: A volunteer leadership session with AIAA President Laura McGill
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28 April 2023
Volunteer Leader Onboarding Session 

17 February 2023
AIAA Town Hall Meeting 

13 October 2022
AIAA Virtual Town Hall Meeting